The Key to Achieving Your Goals and Making Them Stick

Do you have a habit of setting a goal, but not following through and abandon it? If so, you’re not alone! And instead of feeling bad, achieving a goal or not often comes down to how you approach it. A huge...

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The Truth About Snacking: Good or Bad and Why

Do you avoid snacking between meals because you think it’s unhealthy or will cause weight gain? Done properly, mindful or ‘smart snacking’ can make all the difference to having optimal energy levels, improved performance and higher brain functioning. As an important...

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High Performance Carbs – the Who, What & Why

Did you know that carbohydrates are king when it comes to fueling your performance? Most people don't realize we need more than just protein for muscle building and energy, and that carbohydrates play a critical role as fuel for brain...

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Hydration for Athletes – Determining Your Needs

Are you in tune with your thirst? Most people are not, and many of my clients are not even drinking enough water just to sustain what they need in their daily life. Because water makes up over 70% of our body,...

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How to Get More Joy and Satisfaction Out of Eating with Intuitive Eating

Do you feel like after you eat you're just not satisfied and constantly looking for the next thing you can eat? You're full and probably don't need to eat anymore but you just need a little something. This happens to...

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Best Supplements for Health and Performance – My Routine

To perform at your best, do you know which supplements provide the best value for your money? In this video, I discuss what most of my clients seek guidance on; what the best supplements are to support their health and...

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3 Top Foods to Aid in Sports Injury Recovery

Does it matter what you eat when you're struggling to recover from a sports injury? In this video, I reveal 3 top foods that will support your recovery from an injury, to help you get back to performing at your...

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Why You’re Struggling with Cravings and What to Do About It

Do you always find yourself reaching for something sweet after meals, when you're tired or stressed? Do you just have to have something salty and crunchy in the middle of the afternoon? In this training video I explain why it...

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