The 3 Signs to Detect If You Have Disordered Eating

Recognize the warning signs in yourself, and others.

“Do I have a problem?”

As one of the most prevalent issues I see with my clients young and old, I’m continuing the conversation of disordered eating. I’ve discussed this topic from different angles in my blog, such as How To Spot Disordered Eating In Your Young Athlete, and my own story that I shared in a 3-part series, My Personal Struggle with an Eating Disorder.

Spotting red flags in the early stages is key.

So how do you know if your diet is becoming an obsession and a problem for you? Although you might not have a full-blown eating disorder, many forms of disordered eating can fall in the ‘grey’ area that could, if not recognized, slide into a full-blown disorder.

In this video, I provide an overview that answers the question – “do I have a problem?”

Watch to learn what the 3 signs are, and the TWO things that you can do about it to turn things around.


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