How Mental Health Affects Your Diet

May is ‘Mental Health Awareness Month’.

Get outside…

This video highlights the importance of going outside for better mental health. Being outside in nature improves our mood, lowers stress and anxiety, and helps us sleep better. Plus… in just 30 minutes, we get replenished with Vitamin D! Learn more about the importance of the ‘sunshine vitamin’ in my blog: Vitamin D for Improving Sports Performance.

As a Sports Dietitian for over 14 years, I clearly see the connection of how mental health impacts everything – from our physical health, athletic performance, and our diet.

Although I specialize in nutrition, issues with body image and disordered eating are directly linked to mental health, and the key to healing and recovery starts with our psychology. I’ve shared my story of overcoming my own eating disorder which you can learn about here: My Personal Struggle with an Eating Disorder.

Much of my work with young athletes and parents is to help them recover from their struggle with food, and a critical component is taking care of their mental health.

How are the two connected?

Taking care of your mental health improves disordered eating by reducing stress and anxiety, which can cause you to either eat too much, or too often. Stress and anxiety can also lead to simply not caring about what you eat or balancing your plate, and reduces your motivation to want to try to improve your eating habits.


My passion is helping athletes and active individuals heal their relationship with food and their bodies. Be sure to see my blog, The 3 Signs to Detect If You Have Disordered Eating.

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