Are you ready to finally look and feel like you train as hard as you do?

It’s time to stop depriving and start thriving!

female athlete sitting on outdoors stair step with head lowered onto crossed arms

Is your nutrition
supporting your
training load?

You’re grinding day in and day out from training session to training session… strength training, practice and cardio… but something’s not working.

It seems like you’re doing everything right while training but you still have nothing to show for all your hard work.

You look in the mirror and you don’t look or feel like you train as hard as you do!

You’re also suffering from frequent energy crashes. You just can’t go any further and it’s downright frustrating!

Meet Kristen Ziesmer, MS, RDN, CSSD, LDN

Hello Dr. Google!

You’re at a loss so, what do you do? You Google, obviously.

There’s a list of diets or “hacks” that’ll get you “instant” results.

If working out endlessly doesn’t work, maybe this will?

You feel motivated and try those diets.

Keto, paleo, you name it. You try EVERYTHING. You starve yourself, follow unhealthy eating schedules, taking numerous supplements and stop listening to what your body needs.

Days turn into months and, despite your efforts, you’re still not seeing the results you so strongly desire. That voice inside your head starts eating you up.

“What if I never get there? I’ve done everything I could!”

“What am I doing wrong?”

“Should I give up?”

Does that sound like you?


You never had to be frustrated again and knew exactly what and how to eat to get you the long-term results you’re striving towards… because you can, and you deserve it – let me show you how.

Think about what your life could be like…

Paleo diet for athletes
  • Having a good you relationship with food AND your body.
  • Feeling confident in knowing exactly what, when and how to eat for YOU.
  • Being stronger, faster, and healthier.
  • Not running out of energy when you’re halfway through your training session.
  • Ending the cycle of disappointment.
  • Actually looking like you workout as much as you do.


The Sustainable Sports Nutrition Academy

A Personalized Nutrition Program that Guides Athletes and Active Individuals on Training their Body and Making Tweaks for Big Results in Health and Performance to Last a Lifetime!

Learn more about Kristen Ziesmer, MS, RDN, CSSD, LDN and Elite Nutrition and Performance.

A Sustainable Program Individualized to YOU!

There are COUNTLESS fad diet programs
out there, but there’s NOTHING like
The Sustainable Sports Nutrition Academy.

  • You’ll learn how to match your intake and macronutrient ratios to your training load.
  • Get a list of go-to fridge and pantry staples so you never again have to worry about making a healthy meal with what you have on hand.
  • You’ll get a workable nutritional plan based on what you like.
  • You’ll learn the simple steps of creating healthy, balanced meals.
  • You’ll find out tricks on how to always have prepared food, so you’re not ordering food or going to the nearest fast-food joint.
  • You’ll get clear-cut grocery plans so you can stop wandering and are in-and-out in no time.

If you are looking to make sustainable changes to not only reach your nutrition and workout goals, but KEEP them – then I highly recommend this program! You’ll actually learn the science and “math” behind why you’re eating what you’re eating so you can continue to make progress or create new goals beyond this program’s end. Within two months of working with Kristen I was having less headaches, more energy, and getting stronger in my workouts. I have definition in my arms that were definitely not there before starting this program and can lift heavier weights, despite being someone who was regularly working out 5x a week YEARS before this program. Kristen has helped me figure out what I needed to change to start seeing the results I’ve been working so hard to get for so long.

— Brittany S.

A Look Inside the Sustainable Sports Nutrition Academy

Here’s What You Get Inside…

Personalized At-Home Workout Plan
(Value: $297)
No equipment is needed; this workout plan will help you achieve your goals and build power-boosting muscles.

Master Shopping List
(Value: $17)
Guiding you based on every section of the grocery store, so you’ll never forget to buy anything again.

The Sustainable Sports Nutrition Academy Course
(Value: $1,497)
Take all the guess work out of what you should be eating and get a personalized plan! You’ll learn the science behind sports nutrition that olympic and professional athletes use to fuel their body for top performance!

Grocery Shopping Guide for Optimal Performance
(Value: $27)
Eliminate all grocery shopping-related anxiety, by knowing how to decipher all marketing lingo, determine if a product is worth it, stay within your budget, and learn how to fill your cart smartly.

Resources Galore!
(Value: $297)
To help guide you in what you’re learning, you’ll receive tons of resources from sample nutrition plans, to metabolism boosters, to the best foods to build lean muscle. We take the guess work out of everything and make it as simple as possible.

Supplement Guide
(Value: $47)
Learn about the best supplements to know which ones work, which companies you should buy from, and how you can determine which supplements are worth your money.

Weekly Email Tips
(Value: $97)
To guide you through every step of the program, help you stay motivated, and put all the pieces together so there’s no room for confusion.

Healthy Living Cookbook
(Value: $27)
Containing over 50 favorite recipes to fuel your body, maintain energy levels, and keep your stomach happy.

When you add it all up, you get a TOTAL VALUE of over $3,200!

Join today for just $1

It’s Time You Invest in Yourself!

You’ll get 12 weeks of coaching calls, weekly tips, comprehensive modules, and motivational conversations to get you healthy, happy and performing at your peak for the rest of your life! This is not just some 30-day challenge; it’s a sustainable approach to fueling your body for LIFE!

The results have been amazing. My new diet has allowed me to be less fatigued, not hungry and lose 12 lbs and 10% of body fat in less than 10 weeks. Not only am I able to sustain the effort longer, I became faster thanks to the 10 lbs less to carry. There is not one bike or set of carbon wheels that will make me gain as much speed and performance as what I have gained by working with Kristen. The diet and advice were very much designed for me and around my schedule. It made it easy to implement and easy to stick to.

— Steve N.

The Sustainable Sports Nutrition Academy

A Personalized Nutrition Program that Guides Athletes and Active Individuals on Training their Body and Making Tweaks for Big Results in Health and Performance to Last a Lifetime!

Boost Your Performance with Ongoing Support, Accountability Emails and UNLIMITED Chat!

Get Coaching Calls for Three Months to Help You Stay Focused, Accountable, and Confident Towards Your Progress!

Are you ready to build muscle, gain energy, optimize your performance, get healthy and never feel deprived again?!

Pay in Full

(Pay just $1 for the first 2 weeks to ensure you love it and then your card will be charged the remaining $496)

Or… 3 Easy Payments

$197 each month for 3 months

Meet Kristen Ziesmer, MS, RDN, CSSD, LDN

Sports Dietitian, Personal Trainer, and Coach!

Hi! I’m Kristen.

Head over to Elite Nutrition and Performance to learn more about me!

I’ve been a sports dietitian and a certified personal trainer for the last 10 years. Over the years, I’ve come across countless people struggling with their athletic and fitness goals, whether it’s to have more energy, fuel their body for their sport, get stronger or have a better relationship with food. 

Kristen Tice of Sports Nutrition Academy

Before I started helping people, I struggled with an eating disorder and witnessed, firsthand, the havoc it wreaked on my body. I, too, got swayed by the fad diets we currently see on the internet and tried them as a shortcut to achieving my goals. 

Fortunately, step by step, I overcame my struggles and realized how important it is to be mindful of my body and be kind to it. I learned how important it is to prioritize food over supplements and being healthy over having an unreasonably low body fat percentage.  

My professional and personal experiences allowed me to witness the importance of having a balanced diet. Your body will only respond according to what you put in it, and it’s crucial for you to give your body the fuel it needs so it can achieve your goals. I strongly believe in balanced eating and firmly believe it’s the key to living a healthy, sustainable, and active lifestyle. 

The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that will suck anyone and everyone in who is willing. The industry is saturated by quick fix “pills” and “magic bullets” that just don’t deliver and leave you with empty promises.

The fact is, these diet programs never get you the results you want. Instead, they build an unhealthy relationship with food where you put your body through stress to achieve goals that’ll never be sustainable.

Quite frankly, I’m sick of it and the havoc it’s caused for athletes. That is why I created The Sustainable Sports Nutrition Academy.

Today, I help active individuals stay motivated and on-track by creating personalized nutrition programs, complete with regular coaching. I also help these individuals understand how they can build sustainable, healthy eating habits and tailor these habits according to their active body and goals for life. 

The Sustainable Sports Nutrition Academy is the answer to your problems if…

  • You’re confused about how you can match your nutrition to your fitness goals.
  • You’re frustrated with not seeing the long-term results from the effort you’re investing.
  • You need someone to guide you on how you can plan a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.
  • You’re tired of the false promises and unreasonable expectations diet programs set.
  • You’re ready to take control of your body and give it what it needs!

Most importantly, though, The Sustainable Sports Nutrition Academy is for you if you’re ready to live your life according to your terms and experience the joy of seeing your effort at work!

The Sustainable Sports Nutrition Academy

A Personalized Nutrition Program that Guides Active Individuals on Training their Body and
Making Tweaks for Big Results in Health and Performance to Last a Lifetime!

If you’re still reading… you understand why you need The Sustainable Sports Nutrition Academy.

But what if you let this opportunity slide? What if you continue doing what you’re doing, maybe trying a diet program or just giving up on your fitness goals altogether?

How will you feel if you give up on your goals of getting into shape and mastering your fitness goals?

Will you begin to resent yourself for giving up and not reaching your full potential?

Will you look in the mirror and feel dejected at the possibility of what could have been?

Will you continue letting your performance suffer, feeling drained, and not giving your body the fuel it needs?

I don’t want this life for you, and I know you don’t want that for yourself, either. You have every right to get the results you desire and feel confident every time you work out. I want to help you get there!

Kristen taught us how to change our diets based on what we already enjoy & also gave us great tips on other things to try.  She helped us to understand the proper balance of carbohydrates, protein, & fat depending on the intensity of our training. We also learned the best ways to go into our long runs properly fueled & hydrated & how to stay that way throughout the run. 

During our Boston training, we jumped at the opportunity to race a half marathon in Greenville to see how our training & nutrition was working. We were very pleased with the results:  I ran a personal best, & Shannon ran her second best & placed first in her age group (pretty amazing especially considering she had been sidelined for most of the year due to injury!). 

Thanks to Kristen’s advice, we stayed fueled & hydrated. We both finished with good enough times to qualify us to run the Boston Marathon again next year if we desire.  We finished well ahead of the majority of the pack. We couldn’t be more pleased with that & know that our nutrition played a major role in our success!  Thanks Kristen & Elite Nutrition & Performance!”  ~ Jeff

“For years, I battled disordered eating. I struggled with continuous cycles of restriction followed by massive binges. I even did endless amounts of cardio, thinking that would help me reach my goal. All it gave me was low energy, constant headaches, and a bad relationship with food. Food began to consume my every thought. I couldn’t concentrate in school because I was so obsessed about what I was going to eat throughout the day and how many calories and carbs I was going to allow myself to have. I would give myself such a hard time if I allowed myself even one sweet treat. I was never satisfied with myself and lacked self confidence. I was always concerned with how I looked and never did well at social gatherings.

Then I found Kristen. Kristen helped me gain power over food. She helped me realize that I was in control. I am now able to eat balanced meals throughout the entire week, enjoy sweets without feeling bad, and participate in regular exercise without going overboard. Food no longer consumes my every thought. I make smart decisions about food and exercise that allow me to live a much more fulfilling and stress free life. I am free from this battle and am only focused on taking care of my body.” ~ Amanda

This is what you’ll get inside

The Sustainable Sports Nutrition Academy

  • The Sustainable Sports Nutrition Academy Course ($1497)
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls (Value: $499)
  • Weekly Email Tips (Value: $97)
  • Unlimited Private Group Chat (Value: $399)
  • Personalized at-home workout plan (Value: $199)
  • Supplement Guide (Value: $47)
  • Healthy Living Cookbook (Value: $27)
  • Grocery Shopping Guide for Optimal Performance (Value: $27)
  • Master Shopping List (Value: $17)
  • Tons of Resources and Guides ($297)

Want The Sustainable Sports Nutrition Academy at just $497?

Pay in Full

(Pay just $1 for the first 2 weeks to ensure you love it and then your card will be charged the remaining $496)

Or… 3 Easy Payments

$197 each month for 3 months

You might be wondering how you’re getting the program at a marked-down price. You’re guaranteed to love the stunning results that come with the program and, before you know it, everyone around will be asking you how you transformed your health and performance. With its personalized approach, you’ll be itching to tell your family and friends about The Sustainable Sports Nutrition Academy!

With a carefully-crafted, tailored approach, you’re guaranteed to succeed. In fact, you’ll find your friends and family also jumping in on it and improving their health and performance in the process! If you don’t love it after the first month of completing all the modules, let me know so I can refund you what you paid.

The Sustainable Sports Nutrition Academy

A Personalized Nutrition Program that Guides Active Individuals on Training their Body and
Making Tweaks for Big Results in Health and Performance to Last a Lifetime!

1 Payment

Or… 3 Payments

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