I equip you with the tools you need to perform your best
both on and off the field

Kristen Ziesmer, Registered Dietitian for sports and certified personal trainer South Carolina

I’m happy you’re here.

I’m Kristen, the founder of ENP, a sports dietitian and certified personal trainer.

In 2012 I founded ENP to help athletes and active individuals learn how to properly fuel and train their body for optimal health and performance.  I work with a variety of clients both in-person and virtually ranging from out-of-shape adults looking to get healthy, to middle/high school athletes, to amateur and professional athletes.

I am a little different (okay, a lot different) than your average nutritionist or trainer. I take a personal approach to your health and performance by getting to know you and your body.

Not only do I look at what you’re eating and your training but also lifestyle habits to better help you. I do this because I care about your health and wellbeing. Without your health, you’re not performing well. When I take on new clients, I am investing in you as you invest in yourself.

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Guidance on science, not opinion

My mission is to equip you with the tools you need to perform your best both on the field and off.

I believe in providing only evidence-based recommendations that are grounded in science…that means no fad diets here! I know that opinion-based recommendations that you may receive from “nutritionists” and big-box gyms can sometimes cause more harm than good. For that reason, I may not always give you the answer you want to hear but rather the answer that is best for your health and your goals.

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