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“Kristen was instrumental in my journey towards a healthier relationship with food and my body during the end of my 8th grade year and the summer transitioning into high school. At that time, I found myself stuck in disordered eating habits, resulting in an unsustainable weight for my body, loss of menstrual cycle, and obsession with achieving the lowest number on the scale.

Working with Mrs. Kristen was truly transformative.  She taught me to view food as fuel for my body rather than a source of weight gain, emphasizing the importance of protein, carbs, and fat, while also reassuring me that it’s okay to enjoy dessert.  As an athlete herself, she demonstrated that being skinny doesn’t equate to
being faster or stronger.  

Kristen was always there to offer advice and support whenever I needed it, and without her guidance, I wouldn’t be the runner or soccer player I am today.” ~ EC


“I have always struggled my entire childhood with obesity and unhealthy eating habits. The only way I ever learned how to lose weight was to massively cut back on calories and that led to my disordered eating habits. Going into high school, I was insecure about my weight and had a terrible relationship with food. I got really into becoming an athlete on my school’s rowing team and wanted to learn how to properly fuel myself. My parents hired Kristen hoping she could teach me how to keep myself healthy and fix my relationship with food. 

Kristen taught me how to set a realistic weight loss goal, but right from the start told me I was a teenager and I should still have fun eating pizza and cookies with my friends. Hearing this from a nutritionist completely changed my view of food and she allowed me to eat without ever feeling embarrassed and guilty. I logged my meals and took her advice on how to balance foods from each food group. If I ever had problems or immediate questions, I would message her and she would always get back to me quickly! I have learned through trial and error how much of a difference eating healthy has made in my life. I felt happier and more energized for rowing. I performed better on my erg fitness tests when focusing on my water intake and proper snacking. 

Over the course of a year, Kristen taught me how to lose the weight I wanted while still maintaining muscle for rowing. Kristen taught me how to view food as a fueling friend rather than an enemy. For the first time in my life, I was able to drop 20 lbs while also building muscle and eating all the foods that I love! It has been nearly two years and I have managed to keep the weight off and confidently eat without feeling ashamed. 

Now being much more confident and fit, I am hoping to serve in the military in my future. Kristen’s help with my eating has led to so much of a confidence boost and now I set bigger goals for myself. I could never thank her enough!” ~ Jackie


“I had the pleasure of working with Kristen for 3 months. Our focus was lowering my cholesterol and reducing body fat.

We both agreed that a plant-based diet would be the best option for me. Kristen assisted me through this process by tweaking my diet to ensure I was getting enough protein and other macros I needed for my athletic lifestyle while still being plant-based.

After our 3 months together, I am happy to report that my cholesterol and body fat are lower and I have the tools to continue to eat healthy and maintain the correct macros in order to continue to see change in these areas.” ~ Jennifer

“It’s been quite a journey and I intend to continue it for the foreseeable future. I’m now focusing more on not just my nutrition, but bettering my techniques/forms and getting stronger. When I restarted CF I wanted to participate in Murph as I was very intimidated by it. Completing Murph was a huge hurdle for me(I actually puked the night before from anxiety, but I still smile when I think about that day).

My goals for 2020 include participating in local Crossfit Competitions, something I never would of considered before all of this.

There is no way I can adequately explain how important and appreciated Kristen’s work with me was/is. There is a saying of “you can’t outwork a bad diet” and this is so very true. Kristen has made nutrition accessible and her proven techniques have made this life change very possible. I highly recommend her service to anyone that may be interested in it and I do not hesitate to refer Kristen to all that ask.” ~David


Steve Noriet Testimonial

“I started doing triathlon in 2019 and decided within my first year I was going to do a 70.3 Ironman. I did it with a decent time but I suffered a lot in the last hour, mainly feeling dehydrated and exhausted. So I started to read more and quickly got to the conclusion that all coaches always talks about nutrition as being the key to success. On the other side I was also struggling with cutting my weight down and I felt that working with a nutritionist would help me define a better diet, learn to make better food choices and manage better my nutrition through the race.

The results have been amazing. My new diet has allowed me to be less fatigued, not hungry and lose 12 lbs and 10% of body fat in less than 10 weeks.

Not only am I able to sustain the effort longer, I became faster thanks to the 10 lbs less to carry. There is not one bike or set of carbon wheels that will make me gain as much speed and performance as what I have gained by working with Kristen. The diet and advice were very much designed for me and around my schedule. It made it easy to implement and easy to stick to.

Another key factor has been the analysis on the sweat and hydration. I have learned a lot on how my body react to heat. It has been a huge improvement mainly for the long days on the bike (3-4h). Overall I recommend Kristen to anybody that really want to improve their performance, but also how they feel each day during their training.” ~Steve


Scott Flicker Post Race

“After many years of running marathons and struggling with keeping my weight under control, I wanted a change. I had lost a lot of weight over the years but had continued to yo-yo up and down the scale.   I turned to Elite Nutrition and Performance to get more educated on nutrition and how it affects my training and performance.

Sean helped reinforce some of the good habits that I had already knew and gave me new knowledge about calorie intake and portions. He helped me build a daily eating plan that would support the training I was doing as I prepared to run the Chicago Marathon in October. As my training increased, so did my calorie intake. I learned the foods that helped me recover from the harder workouts, so I would be ready for the next one. He gave me ideas on how to fuel up to be properly prepared for each workout and ultimately the race.

On race day, all of this nutritional knowledge and my training came together perfectly. I felt great throughout the whole 26.2 miles and was able to actually pick up my pace over the last two miles where everyone else was running out of energy.

The end result was a new personal best marathon time of 3:08:44, which also qualifies me to run in the 2018 Boston Marathon. Sean’s nutrition guidance paired perfectly with my training and got me to a result that I am very pleased with. I will be able to use what I learned going forward in my future training cycles, which I am sure will lead to more outstanding results.” ~Scott


Austin Before

Austin After – 2

Austin After – 1

Austin After – 3

I am very satisfied with the services provided by Kristen and her staff at Elite Nutrition and Performance.  The staff is knowledgeable in their profession and are invested in their clients.  They will go out of their way to make sure you are receiving the training you want and need for your goals.

I had originally selected approached Kristen in an effort to update and refocus my diet and exercise program after a few recent setbacks in life to get put on around 20-30 pounds of lean mass and get improve my leg strength substantially.  I was on track to accomplish this, but I had to quickly change my focus to sports training so that I could return to playing football internationally while I went to study abroad. 

Kristen was swiftly able to redirect my workout towards more transferable exercises and while continuing to maintain and improve my strength gains.

Throughout both periods, Kristen and her staff provided constant feedback to help me continuously improve and I always received a timely response on a question I had asked.

Again, very satisfied with the Kristen and the staff at Elite Nutrition and Performance and I hope more people take advantage of the services they offer, whether it is diet consultation, personal training, or even one of the group fitness activities or classes.”


“I came to Elite Nutrition and Performance in January of my senior year in high school knowing that I had approximately six months to properly prepare my body for Division 1 soccer at UNC Asheville.

While running my workout packet every morning and lifting about four days a week in the afternoon, my body needed the right amount of fueling post and pre-workout to lose excess fat and transform it into muscle. Luckily, Kristen knew exactly what my body required in order to gain muscle in a healthy and efficient way.

After only two weeks of working with Elite Nutrition, I could immediately see and feel a difference in not only my body but my performance on the field and in the gym.

Throughout my journey working with Kristin, I became more energized during workouts and less stressed about my transition to UNC Asheville. Even after regularly scheduled visits with Elite Nutrition, I kept in contact with Kristen through email while in college to guide me on how much and what to eat with my heightened workouts during pre-season.

Overall, my experience with Elite Nutrition and Performance has instilled a proper eating routine into my daily life that will continuously and positively influence my performance as well as a healthy lifestyle.” ~Amanda


April has been a long-time client here at ENP, who started from ground zero when it came to nutrition. She originally wanted help with getting healthier, losing weight, and was interested in getting into endurance sports.

Now, she’s preparing for her first full Ironman triathlon after completing several half-ironmans and shorter distances. April has truly “been through it all” and her story is an inspiration!

Watch April’s inspiring story of her transformation from wanting to get healthier to Ironman triathlete in “The Making of a Triathlete!”

Sophie Keyes
Miss Greater Easly

Sophie Keyes

Sit down with Kristen and Miss South Carolina Pageant contestant Sophie Keyes to find out what it takes to become a healthy beauty queen in “The Making of a Beauty Queen”.

“My weight has always been a constant battle for me. When I was in high school I went from a size 10 to a size 2. I still love food but there was a time when I would find myself eating two Sonic cheeseburgers almost everyday after school. In order to see results I had to learn what a healthy lifestyle truly was. Wearing a swimsuit on stage is just a little nerve-racking, but I know with the help of Elite Nutrition and Performance I will be ready. It’s all about the journey and I’m just getting started.” – Sophie

The Miss South Carolina Pageant was the third pageant Elite Nutrition and Performance helped Sophie prepare for. While she did not place, Sophie did receive honorable mentions for both the swimsuit and the interview portions of the pageant.  Many people think that a pageant is just a time for women to simply get on stage and look pretty, but there is much more work and training that goes into this process behind the scenes.

Check out our interview with Sophie to hear more about how to prepare for a pageant and stay healthy in the process. Sophie had help with nutrition and training to make sure she was in top shape when she walked on stage. No crazy diets, diet pills, or starving herself was necessary. All you need is a healthy lifestyle.


Amanda Sabin

“For years, I battled disordered eating. I struggled with continuous cycles of restriction followed by massive binges. I even did endless amounts of cardio, thinking that would help me reach my goal. All it gave me was low energy, constant headaches, and a bad relationship with food.

Food began to consume my every thought. I couldn’t concentrate in school because I was so obsessed about what I was going to eat throughout the day and how many calories and carbs I was going to allow myself to have. I would give myself such a hard time if I allowed myself even one sweet treat.

I was never satisfied with myself and lacked self-confidence. I was always concerned with how I looked and never did well at social gatherings. Then I found Kristen.

Kristen helped me gain power over food. She helped me realize that I was in control. I am now able to eat balanced meals throughout the entire week, enjoy sweets without feeling bad, and participate in regular exercise without going overboard.

Food no longer consumes my every thought. I make smart decisions about food and exercise that allow me to live a much more fulfilling and stress-free life. I am free from this battle and am only focused on taking care of my body.” ~Amanda

Jeff and Shannon

Jeff and Sharon Boston Marathon

“Shannon & I have both been avid runners for most of our adult lives. Over the years, we have consulted with various running coaches to fine-tune our training, so we felt very confident in our training plan leading up to the Boston Marathon in April.

We knew that nutrition was a major factor in successful performances, so we were very excited to work with Kristen & her staff. We soon learned that, even though we were both already fit & pretty healthy eaters, we had a lot to learn!

Kristen taught us how to change our diets based on what we already enjoy & also gave us great tips on other things to try. She helped us to understand the proper balance of carbohydrates, protein, & fat depending on the intensity of our training.

We also learned the best ways to go into our long runs properly fueled & hydrated & how to stay that way throughout the run. During our Boston training, we jumped at the opportunity to race a half marathon in Greenville to see how our training & nutrition was working.

We were very pleased with the results: I ran a personal best, & Shannon ran her second best & placed first in her age group (pretty amazing especially considering she had been sidelined for most of 2015 due to injury!).

We finished up our marathon training well. The last couple weeks we enjoyed tapering (less miles & less intensity) while increasing our caloric intake. Well, I probably enjoyed the eating more than Shannon did!

We arrived in Boston feeling strong. Race day was tough. It was a lot hotter than anticipated, & we had a nasty headwind. However, our training paid off.

Thanks to Kristen’s advice, we stayed fueled & hydrated. We both finished with good enough times to qualify us to run the Boston Marathon again next year if we desire.

While we didn’t run personal bests for the marathon distance, we still finished well ahead of the majority of the pack. We couldn’t be more pleased with that & know that our nutrition played a major role in our success! Thanks Kristen & Elite Nutrition & Performance!” ~Jeff



“Restless nights, fatigue throughout the day, unhealthy eating habits, quick fixes, yes I experienced it all. I said to myself,  “hey, I’m only 23 years old, there is no way I should be as tired throughout the day.” At that point I knew I needed to increase my daily activity level and adjust my eating habits. So I decided to search for a gym; one that was small in size and offered nutritional advice. In February of 2016, I ended my search when I found ENP.

I must admit that the journey has been both exciting and rewarding. I am 5lbs away from my goal weight. The trainers here at ENP are phenomenal. They are very knowledgeable and invested in your fitness success. While working out, the trainers push you to give maximum efforts. During the workout, you may not like the extra push, but once you see and feel your results you will be happy.

At the beginning of my fitness journey, push-ups were one of my weaknesses in the gym. By working out here at ENP my upper body strength has improved tremendously. Although I still dislike doing push-ups, I am able to do push-ups better than I had before. I’ve also experienced an increase in my energy level throughout the day.

I am no longer fatigued or restless. The increase in my energy level and restful nights are attributable to the physical health of my body, which is in part due to my increase in physical activity as well as my healthy eating habits.

As a part of my workout package, I receive a 30-minute RD nutrition meeting. The amount of knowledge I have gained in this short period of time is amazing. Thanks to Sean I am now able to confidently choose healthier food options. I’ve learned that there aren’t really any bad food options, but there are more healthier foods than others. Additionally, I’ve learned that it’s important to control portion sizes to aid in healthy weight loss or gain. In my case, it’s weight loss.” ~ChaRon


Morgan Parker

“For two years I was struggling with stomachaches, head fog, and low energy. During that time, I did a lot of research and discovered I was suffering from food sensitivities.

I tried to figure out which foods were the source of my problems but was having difficulty doing it on my own. I knew I needed the help of a nutritionist and that’s when I discovered Kristen.

Kristen guided me through an elimination diet, and through that process, I was able to discover which foods I needed to avoid. Now that these foods have been cut out, my quality of life has significantly improved.

I feel so much happier and healthier and I am so thankful that I turned to Elite Nutrition & Performance for help.

I have also had the opportunity to do group training with Nader. He has been a wonderful coach and pushes me to do things I never thought I could do! He focuses in on my needs and coaches me on what specifically is going to help me reach my fitness goals.

After a few weeks, I can already see results — not only in how I look but how I feel. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to take their fitness to the next level.” ~Amanda


“My 16-year-old daughter, Loranna, plays club soccer and runs cross country for her high school.  We had noticed a significant drop in her athletic performance for a couple of months. 

She suffered unexplained, quick onset of fatigue and lacked her usual explosiveness.  Therefore, we sought out Kristen at Elite Nutrition for evaluation and advice.

Kristen developed a comprehensive diet plan that has helped Loranna perform at the level that she is accustomed to within a few months of starting her plan. 

Kristen and the staff at Elite Nutrition are highly knowledgeable and professional.  Their passion for their profession is evident. 

They show enthusiasm and provided strong encouragement to my daughter throughout the process. We can’t thank them enough.” ~Paul Austin


Laurel Before
Laurel Before
Laurel After

“After being worried about how I was going to look in a bathing suit this summer, I decided I needed to do something about my weight and body fat. 

  • I am 44 years old and have two children.
  • I have nerve damage in one foot, due to a previous break, and could only do limited exercises. 
  • I had tried, on numerous occasions, dieting and healthy eating.
  • I tried 7 months of boot camp, getting up at 4:30 am, 3 days a week (prior to by broken foot).
  • I tried dietary consulting from a chiropractor that focused on healthy eating. 

All of this with little success. 

After just 2 months of working with ENP, I had lost 16 pounds and 8% body fat. I was given a personal training program that I could work with, even with foot restrictions.

I followed the eating plan recommended for me, and it was easy! I now have completely changed the way I look at food. I am eating healthier and have even changed the way my children eat.  I feel better than I have in years.  Calling ENP was one the best things I have ever done to improve my health!” ~Laurel


“About 8 years ago, I started helping my sisters take care of aging parents. Because of all the traveling, and sitting in the hospital multiple times, I gained tons of weight.

Since I started with Elite, I’ve lost 30 lbs. and over 15 inches.

It was tough at first and it still takes effort, but now I’m very conscious of what and how much I’m eating – no more mindless hospital and road trip eating! The workouts are challenging but the results are terrific!!!” ~Pinny


“After watching a video from my last vacation I realized I was the most out of shape I had ever been. 

With Kristen’s help, I have increased my nutritional awareness and combined it with appropriate physical activity to lead a much healthier lifestyle. 

My lifestyle has also been a great influence for my daughters.” ~J.E.


“My journey to becoming the healthiest version of me has been a long and winding road. Three years ago I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without being winded, tying my shoe laces was hard, keeping my napkin in my lap was a joke.

It’s taken a lot of discipline, self-motivation, perseverance, and dedication. I didn’t get fat overnight so I knew I wouldn’t get skinny overnight. One day at a time. Lots of sweat and tears, but it’s all been worth it.

I ran my first ever 5k three years ago, followed by a 10k a few months later, in November of 2013 I ran my first marathon, in November 2014 I signed up for a 3-month CrossFit session, and then in February 2015, I signed up at ENP. 

When I found ENP I had set my ultimate fitness goal, but those goals had to be met with a vegan diet.

So, here I am three months in at ENP and I’m preparing for my first bikini competition and doing it on a vegan diet. I never thought in a million years I’d be at this place in my life.

I’ve learned, I have to set goals in order to stay on track. When I came to ENP I had hit a plateau.

With the knowledge that Kristen has about nutrition and both she and Micah’s encouragement in the gym I have started seeing results again! My first month I was down almost 4% body fat!

The workouts are extremely hard, but worth every second! Thanks to Kristen and Micah I am almost 100lbs lighter, stronger than ever, and confident in who I am!” ~Chisolm


Laura running Disney World Marathon

“I recently ran the Disney World marathon. Though I have been running for over half of my life, have run several half marathons, and studied exercise physiology in college, I knew I needed guidance from a dietitian in order to arrive well-prepared at the starting line of my first full marathon.

I worked with Kristen of Elite Nutrition and Performance for the 3 months leading up to the marathon. She provided guidance on what and how much I should eat as my mileage increased, made helpful suggestions on what I should eat before my long training runs- both immediately before and in the days leading up to them, and helped me create a plan for refueling during the race and long runs.

I can easily say that I would not have had such a positive experience training for and completing my first marathon had I not made the decision to work with Kristen and would highly recommend her to anyone who is training for a long-distance event!” ~Laura



“Now that the dust has settled after completing my first half Ironman, I would like to share some thoughts on nutrition and endurance training.

A few years ago I did my first marathon. I trained well, but started lagging at mile 22 and was toast by mile 24. I think I had 4 gu’s throughout the race and water of course. See anything wrong here?? I physically felt horrible for days after. I wonder why….

Next I ventured into the world of triathlons. As the distances got longer, I started struggling to get through the workouts. I began thinking maybe I was expecting too much, was too old, should lower my performance expectations.

About this time I met Kristin. She told me right off the bat that I wasn’t eating enough. Scary words for me as I had recently lost 40 lbs and was desperate to keep them off. She said those magic words, “trust me”.

I did and began eating more and my endurance and performance both started to improve! I was so relieved that my earlier fears were just that, fears and not facts!! I went on to train long and hard to compete in my first Ironman to celebrate turning 60 last month.

My performance went way beyond my greatest expectations!! My recovery has been much better than in the past as well.

This experience has made a believer out of me!! Proper fueling of this engine that we call a body is key to performance levels.” ~Karen


Lauren after running the Disney Marathon
Lauren after running the Disney Marathon

“When people think about training for a marathon, they hardly ever factor in nutritional needs; they only think about clocking mileage.

My decision to seek out Kristen’s advice was the sole reason I was able to complete my marathon strongly.

She developed a fail proof nutrition plan for me to follow the week before the race and the day of.

Most people think running 26 miles would be torture. For me, however, it was a blessing and a completely enjoyable experience: all because my body was fueled properly.” ~Lauren


“I would recommend Kristen to anyone looking to improve their athletic performance.

I followed Kristen’s recommendations and as a result, I no longer suffer from my dehydration issues. I tried to solve my problems on my own with no luck.

With Kristen’s advice, I have completed three 50k and two 100k ultramarathons and have never felt better after a race.” ~Doug


“I still have a LONG way to go BUT…it’s been just one month since I’ve been working with Kristen and Sam at Elite Nutrition and Performance and there has been so much progress! I feel so good.

Down a little under 10 lbs and 2% body fat. 6 months till the BIG 40 and I WILL be in the best shape of my life!!!

If anyone is struggling with reaching fitness goals… I highly recommend a holistic nutritionist/personal trainer. If you are serious and ready to do it… It will change your life. It did mine!” ~Karena


Connie's before and after nutrition coaching result

“I began looking on the internet this past summer (2014) after reaching the weight of 125. That was the largest I had ever been other than during pregnancy. At five feet tall that just was not acceptable to me. Also, as a mother of three boys, I noticed that I did not want to go to the pool for fear of the dreaded swimsuit.

I knew I needed guidance in the amount of calories I needed to take in as well as the different totals for protein, carbs, and fat. I had been working out regularly after the birth of each of my children but after having my third…I just couldn’t seem to get rid of the extra weight.

I looked around at the different options around Columbia and settled on Elite because it offered the combination of nutrition and training. I looked over Elite’s website and decided the Platinum plan was exactly what I was looking for.

Before my first appointment, I took some time to think about what I wanted out of the program.

A specific number to see on the scale was a hard decision. Always having been a small person, I wanted to get back to that but needed to be reasonable with my expectations. So, I went in with the thought of 112 pounds being my goal for the scale and the overall plan to lose fat.

I made my appointments for nutrition and personal training with no real idea what to expect. I met with Kristin and got my marching orders for eating during my first month. The first couple of days I thought I was going to STARVE! However, on the third day my body adjusted to the new eating schedule and choices. I began losing weight almost immediately.

I was not perfect as I do love to eat cookies but there was room for that in moderation. I also began the new workout plan I was given for the month. It was challenging but very effective. The next two months went by quickly with continued nutrition check-ins and varying workout plans.

The combination of the two worked better than I could have hoped for. I met my goals and am about to start the long-term maintenance part of this journey. I am thankful to Kristin and her team for their knowledge and encouragement. I would recommend them to anyone!” ~Connie


Hope came to ENP wanting to get in shape, tone up, and finally do something for herself. After completing three months of our 2x/wk personal training package, Hope did just that! For the first time ever, she put her health first and did what needed to be done to make progress. She showed up twice a week every week to work out, started exercising on her own at home (now has a nice garage gym!), stretched daily, and can now sit Indian style while she cross stitches! Her doctor is happy too since she lowered her blood pressure and resting heart rate by 20 points! She also lost 3% body fat (lost fat and gained muscle!) and can now do push-ups!

Her road to success according to Hope:

My efforts have encouraged my husband to get involved in a weight loss program and he is sticking to it and has lost 15 pounds. ~Hope”

  • I have lost a pants size
  • I can button my blouses
  • I do actually see a “shape” to my body
  • I look and feel more toned
  • I have been reminded how to eat healthy
  • I have set up a workout location in my garage and actually like going there
  • I have learned how to take time for me
  • I have more energy when I work out

Wow! Congratulations Hope! We are jealous that your new garage gym gets to work out with you now but very happy for you!


Before and after results for Stephanie Mayo
Stephanie Before (on left) and After (on right) after working with ENP

“When I first started at Elite, I was finally ready to take charge of my health and commit to improving it, but I didn’t have a clue what to do or how to do it.

My diabetes and high blood pressure were barely controlled and my triglycerides were sky-high. I needed guidance that I could trust, both nutritionally and physically.

The entire team at Elite has earned that trust many times over by teaching me so many things, like what to eat, when to eat it, how much to eat, how to exercise, how to plan meals, how often to exercise, how not to give up, and above all things, how to change deeply ingrained bad mental habits.

Without that guidance I would be going in circles forever, never getting anywhere, and probably dying young.

Since starting Elite in May 2014, I’ve lost nearly 50 pounds, lowered my resting heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, and triglycerides, gotten off two medications and reduced one, and lost four sizes. I even lost a foot width and a shoe size, and dang if I know how THAT happened.

It is very common now for people to think I am at least 10 years younger than I really am, and I feel younger and stronger, too. My family has been with me every step of the way through this journey and is eating much more healthily, and my husband’s lost 15 pounds as well.

For someone who just didn’t have the know-how and experience to do this by myself, Elite has proven to be a lifesaver, and I mean that literally; so does my doctor.” ~Stephanie


“My name is Karen Huyssoon, I am a 39-year-old mother of 3 who found martial arts about a year and a half ago.

I love to compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and am blessed to train at our local Academy ‘Conquest BJJ’ with Lance Trippett & multiple-time World Champion fourth-degree black belt “Vicente Junior”.

One component of competing is having to weigh in below a certain number. The lower the weight class the better your chances are to compete with people your own size.  I have never ‘cut weight’ before and was terrified.

I knew I wanted to lose weight by using healthy methods and using healthy food only (no crazy supplements or crash dieting). As a Mom, I am watched every second of every day and wanted to provide a healthy example.

I searched for a like-minded sports nutritionist who could help me get on the right track and found Kristen with Elite Nutrition and Performance.  Kristen was very knowledgeable about what foods I should eat and how to maintain energy during my multiple training sessions per day.

I live in Maryland and Kristen in South Carolina. Thanks to email and social media we were able to communicate easily. I asked questions and received immediate answers. It was a blessing to have her during preparation for my first big tournament the IBJJF Atlanta Championship January 31st because it truly was mind vs body. Kristen supported me every step of the way.

Thanks to the nutrition advice I received, I felt strong, and lean during weigh-ins and all my matches.  I learned so much from Kristen about proper nutrition in such a short period of time. My family has benefited because I apply everything she teaches me to preparing their meals as well.

I look forward to continue learning how to use food to fuel my ‘competition fire’ thanks to Kristen & Elite Nutrition and Performance.” ~Karen


Michelle came to Kristen needing help preparing for her upcoming PT test for the Army and looking to lose some weight. She had just given birth to her first child and wanted to look better than she did before getting pregnant.

After working with Kristen on personal training twice a week and discussing her diet, Michelle lost 15 lbs and passed her PT test with flying colors!

Michelle before working with ENP

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