Kristen Ziesmer, Sports Dietitian - The Making of a Beauty Queen

The Making of a Beauty Queen

Sit down with Kristen and Miss South Carolina Pageant contestant, Sophie Keyes to find out what it takes to become a healthy beauty queen.

Kristen Ziesmer, Sports Dietitian - The Making of a Beauty Queen“My weight has always been a constant battle for me. When I was in high school I went from a size 10 to a size 2. I still love food but there was a time when I would find myself eating two Sonic cheeseburgers almost everyday after school. In order to see results I had to learn what a healthy lifestyle truly was.

Wearing a swimsuit on stage is just a little nerve-racking, but I know with the help of Elite Nutrition and Performance I will  be ready. It’s all about the journey and I’m just getting started.” – Sophie



Kristen Ziesmer, Sports Dietitian - The Making of a Beauty QueenThe Miss South Carolina Pageant was the third pageant Elite Nutrition and Performance helped Sophie prepare for. While she did not place, Sophie did receive honorable mentions for both swimsuit and the interview portions of the pageant.  Many people think that a pageant is just a time for women to simply get on stage and look pretty, but there is much more work and training that goes into this process behind the scenes.

Check out our interview with Sophie to hear more about how to prepare for a pageant and stay healthy in the process. Sophie had help with nutrition and training to make sure she was in top shape when she walked on stage. No crazy diets, diet pills or starving herself was necessary. All you need is a healthy lifestyle.

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