Ketogenic Diet For Weight Loss

Have you been considering the ketogenic diet to help you lose weight? Chances are you've heard of your friend or a friend of a friend or that girl on the internet who follows it and has lost a gazillion...

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Inexpensive Ways to Increase the Quality of Your Food

Why is healthy food so expensive?? It does appear that healthy food is more expensive than not so healthy food but what about the cream of the crop food? I'm talking grass fed beef, organic food and local produce. Quality...

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Vitamin D For Sports Performance?

What if you could take a pill, in this case a vitamin, that would prevent a number of health conditions AND improve athletic performance?! It could be a reality with vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin. What is...

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How to Evaluate Your Supplements for Safety and Efficacy

There are hundreds of thousands of supplements on the market today and it seems like every hour a new one is coming out. I get asked about supplements all the time and I can’t even keep up! So how...

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How Much Protein Do I Need For Optimal Health and Performance?

Protein: Is too much of a good thing not a good thing? Protein is a necessary macronutrient that is necessary for life but does that mean we can eat it in unlimited quantities? Is too much of a good thing...

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How to Meal Prep Breakfast for Busy Mornings

If you're like me, your mornings are busy and there's never enough time! Cooking a gourmet breakfast is out of the question and sometimes even eating is too! But like mom always said, "breakfast is the most important meal...

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Hi there! I am Meladee, full time stay at home mom, and former restaurant manager. I have my Bachelors of Science from USC in Hospitality Management. While at USC most of my focus was on Catering Management. That being...

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How to Prevent Your Gut From Derailing Your Training

  Tis the season for an unhappy gut! Traveling, antibiotics, dining out and intense training are all triggers for GI issues. These “issues” may include stomach pain, bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation or a combination of each…whew! What’s worse, the disruption...

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