Let’s Talk About Female Athlete Triad

In this video, I talk about something that’s been on my mind lately; Female athlete triad syndrome. I work a lot with athletes and active individuals to help them fuel their body for better health and performance. I often get calls...

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Why I Don’t Make New Years Resolutions

With a new year comes new goals and resolutions. Are you ready to try a different approach than previous years? Watch this video to learn how. I don't necessarily agree with the mentality of New Year's resolutions. As a sports dietitian...

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How to Add Variety to Your Diet and Always Have Food On Hand

Want a quick tip on how to jazz up your diet with more variety? Better yet, how to always have food on the ready? Watch this video to learn a handy tip to accomplish both. We all get bored with eating...

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Is Fasted Cardio Good for Fat Loss?

Is fasted cardio good for fat loss? Or just another fad? Find out in the video below…. It’s time to shine a light on the ‘fasted’ versus ‘fed’ cardio debate. Is it really true that a morning cardio workout with no...

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Is Cardio or Weightlifting Better for Fat Loss?

To lose fat, what’s the better option? Cardio or weightlifting? This video answers that question, and gives tips for how to get the best results. It’s one of the top questions I get from clients who want to lose those stubborn...

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Is Collagen Protein Good For You?

Do you know the important role that collagen protein plays in your health? Are you getting enough, or the right type? In this video, sports dietitian Kristen Ziesmer breaks it down for you and explains the different types of collagen...

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Why Is Nutrition So Confusing?

Tired of the contradictions, mixed messages, and overall confusion about nutrition? This video highlights a few points that will help guide you to an approach that's right for you. I get asked these questions all the time: “Why is nutrition so...

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The Best and Worst Diets of 2021 for Athletes

Need solid insight on the best and worst diets for athletes? In this video, I share my analysis of what diet best supports athletes and active individuals. Every year it seems a new diet is all the rage, and I hear...

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