Can Alcohol be Part of a Healthy Diet?

Will it matter that much if I drink? The question of drinking alcohol or not comes up a lot, and many of my clients wonder if alcohol should be totally off limits. In this video, I discuss why the answer depends...

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Eating for Fat Loss: the Do’s and Do Not’s

Think starving yourself to lose weight is the best approach? If you’re drastically reducing calories and view food as the enemy for your waistline, this video will help you see things differently, and view food as your weight loss ally! Although...

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Eating for Strength: the Do’s and Do Not’s

How much of an impact does your diet have on your strength? More than you might think! What you eat has a direct influence on your muscles, and in this video I reveal 3 principles of what you need to...

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The Truth About High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Is there a reason that High-Intensity Interval Training is all the rage? In this video, you’ll learn why HIIT is definitely a ‘hit’ for fitness and performance, and why it’s such an effective form of exercise to maintain muscle mass,...

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Quick and Easy Meal Prep for the Week Ahead

Are you overwhelmed with meal prepping for you and your family? If you’re out of ideas and have limited time to prepare healthy meals, this video has just the tips you need to help get you on track. Many of my...

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Client Testimonial – Healing the Relationship With Food

Looking for some inspiration? In this video testimonial, my client Ashley Working shares her journey as an athlete, and how she overcame her challenges with her relationship with food. Ashley describes her issues that she brought to me, and how over...

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The Key to Achieving Your Goals and Making Them Stick

Do you have a habit of setting a goal, but not following through and abandon it? If so, you’re not alone! And instead of feeling bad, achieving a goal or not often comes down to how you approach it. A huge...

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The Truth About Snacking: Good or Bad and Why

Do you avoid snacking between meals because you think it’s unhealthy or will cause weight gain? Done properly, mindful or ‘smart snacking’ can make all the difference to having optimal energy levels, improved performance and higher brain functioning. As an important...

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