My One Must-Have Tool in the Kitchen

Too busy to cook healthy meals? You won’t have an excuse anymore after watching this video, where I reveal a must-have tool in the kitchen that everybody should have. You’re busy, I’m busy, life is busy. And if you didn’t know...

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The Scale…Friend or Foe?

Are you letting the scale ruin your day? In this video, I share my perspective on whether the scale is your friend or foe. Observe what feelings arise when you approach your scale - are you anxious, worried, filled with dread,...

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3 Ways Food Manufacturers Lie to You

Are you as savvy as you could be about what you eat? In this video, I reveal 3 ways food manufacturers lie to you on their packaging. You might be surprised... More than likely, there are hidden trans fats, sugar, and...

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Nutrition Isn’t One Size Fits All: How You Can Customize It

Is your diet right for you, and your unique nutrition needs? In this video, I discuss a major issue I see time and time again with my clients who are on diets that are not customized to support them. The result...

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Hydrating When It’s Cold

Do you think hydrating isn’t as necessary when you’re exercising in cold weather? This video explains why proper hydration is even more important in the winter months, and how to calculate your needs. It’s common to think you don’t need to...

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How to Listen to Your Body and Eat Intuitively

Is listening to your body and eating intuitively a mystery to you? A topic I’m very passionate about is intuitive eating, and much of my work with clients is helping them improve their relationship with food, rather than viewing it...

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Fat Loss for Athletes

It’s new year’s resolution time, when I hear from so many athletes looking for the magic solution to fat loss. However, what prevents a lot of them from succeeding is the tendency to go on diets that are not appropriate...

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Plant Based Protein vs Meat Based Protein – Which is Superior for Building Muscle and Recovery?

Which protein source is better for building muscle? For my clients, getting the right source, and the proper amount of protein is a top priority for optimal performance, building muscle, and faster recovery. However, it can be tricky to navigate the...

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