DIY Watermelon LMNT Electrolyte Drink

What’s a delicious way to replenish essential electrolytes?

Get creative…

The do-it-yourself approach is especially easy, and fun for making an electrolyte drink.

I’ve offered plenty of insight on the topic of staying properly hydrated, especially during the sweaty summer months, which you can see here:

How to Make Your Own Sports Drink

Sports Drinks Versus Electrolytes

What’s even better than saving a lot of money on store-bought sports drinks, and going eco-friendly by doing it yourself?

You can get creative!

Watermelons are perfect for the blender, and with just a few ingredients you’ve got a nourishing and refreshing sports drink, packed with goodness that rivals anything in the store!

So get blending this summer, and enjoy the creative (and money-saving) process of being creative to stay hydrated.


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