Kristen Ziesmer, Sports Dietitian - Why You’re Struggling with Cravings and What to Do About It

Why You’re Struggling with Cravings and What to Do About It

Do you always find yourself reaching for something sweet after meals, when you’re tired or stressed? Do you just have to have something salty and crunchy in the middle of the afternoon?

In this training video I explain why it seems like your cravings keep getting in your way of eating healthy.

Eating a little more chocolate chip cookies than you planned because they just came out of the oven every now and again isn’t a problem. However, if you’re constantly craving sweet, salty, crunchy, comfort/junk foods, then something isn’t right with your diet.

The good news is, there IS something you can do about your cravings!

In this video I’m going to show you:

  • how to identify why you’re craving what you’re craving
  • how to stop those cravings in the moment
  • how to prevent future cravings from happening

Learn more by watching the video!

If you’re struggling with food cravings that you can’t seem to get a handle on, I can help you! I’ve been in your shoes and it’s not easy.

Reach out to me and set up a free 15-minute consultation, so we can discuss your particular situation and fitness goals!

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