Kristen Ziesmer, Sports Dietitian - Why I Don't Make New Years Resolutions

Why I Don’t Make New Years Resolutions

With a new year comes new goals and resolutions.

Are you ready to try a different approach than previous years?

Watch this video to learn how.

I don’t necessarily agree with the mentality of New Year’s resolutions. As a sports dietitian with over 10 years experience, here’s what I know about the gung-ho approach of a huge goal in a short amount of time…

The gym is packed now, but not so much by March. Goals get broken, most diets fail, and it’s never a good feeling to fail. Why set yourself for that failure with the same approach you’ve tried before?

Instead, in this video I reveal a different approach that gives a much higher chance of success, and it goes like this: why not just start right now, where you are? But… start small. Why? Because we know small changes add up over time.

Got a big goal for this year? In this video, I discuss why you should break it down to identify three small things that need to change in order for you to reach that goal. Watch the video for my example of losing 20 pounds, and how I break it down into three small behavioral changes.

After watching this video, head on over to my video, The Key to Achieving Your Goals and Making Them Stick for how to work with SMART goals!

Do things a bit differently this year, and try my advice! It’s a much better approach to success and to feel motivated.

Need help reaching your small and large goals? Whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle, training for a marathon, or improving your relationship with food, whatever your goals are – I’m here to support you!

Contact me any time to schedule a free 15-minute consultation, so we can discuss your particular situation and goals.

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