Kristen Ziesmer, Sports Dietitian -Lets Talk About Female Athlete Triad

Let’s Talk About Female Athlete Triad

In this video, I talk about something that’s been on my mind lately; Female athlete triad syndrome.

I work a lot with athletes and active individuals to help them fuel their body for better health and performance.

I often get calls from parents who are concerned about their teen athlete, because they’re working out and training a lot and participating in a sport, but they’re not fueling their body properly, and the symptoms are starting to show up.

A recent case was with a mother whose teenage daughter has Female athlete triad syndrome; a medical condition resulting from severe under-fueling to the point of no longer menstruating. Many people don’t know that Female athlete triad syndrome is a real medical concern, and is more common than we think in female athletes.

It results from not getting enough carbs, protein, fat, and calories. Athletes are already expending a lot of calories in their sport, training, in their work and school, and combined with todays’ diet culture, females are suffering the consequences with their health. Long-term detrimental effects of the loss of a period (Amenorrhea), leads to the loss of bone mass (Osteopenia) – a serious condition for females with lifelong consequences.

The subject of eating disorders and proper fueling is one that is near and dear to my heart, due to my my personal experience with this, and my own eating disorder, which you can learn about in my 3-part blog, My Personal Struggle With an Eating Disorder.

Watch this video to learn more about Female athlete triad syndrome:

The takeaway? Think about a female that you know that might be struggling with food and their body, and consider the possibility that they are quietly suffering from this, and how you can help by reaching out to them.

If you are dealing with this syndrome, reach out to me by scheduling a free no-obligation consultation today!

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