Kristen Ziesmer, Sports Dietitian - How to Have Your Halloween Candy and Eat it Too Without Over-indulging

How to Have Your Halloween Candy and Eat it Too Without Overindulging

Is it possible to enjoy Halloween candy and holiday treats without overindulging and feeling guilty?

The quick answer is, yes! But the question of how is what I discuss in this video.

Halloween is the kick-off to the holiday season, surrounding you with more tempting treats that your waistline doesn’t need. If every year you wind up over-eating and regretting it come January, the good news is you can break the habit and survive the temptations of the holiday season, AND enjoy the goodies without depriving yourself.

In this video, I discuss the key factor of “mindful eating” to balance things out. You can learn more about mindful eating in this blog post – How to Get More Joy and Satisfaction Out of Eating with Intuitive Eating

Watch this video to learn:

  • How mindful eating will be your greatest ally to help you enjoy treats without guilt and regret
  • Understanding your body’s signals rather than ignoring them
  • Why depriving yourself can lead to overindulging
  • How to relax and allow yourself to savor a treat without going overboard

My hope is that you’ll get the hang of this practice of eating for enjoyment ‘mindfully’ this holiday season, and use this approach to help you maintain control over those treats, rather than the treats controlling you!

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