Kristen Ziesmer, Sports Dietitian - Testimonial - Healing the Relationship With Food

Client Testimonial – Healing the Relationship With Food

Looking for some inspiration?

In this video testimonial, my client Ashley Working shares her journey as an athlete, and how she overcame her challenges with her relationship with food.

Ashley describes her issues that she brought to me, and how over the 9 months of working together, she re-learned how to fuel her body with food, which included intuitive eating.

Watch as Ashley describes the benefits of learning:

  • intuitive eating, and understanding her hunger / fullness scale
  • how to listen to her body to know what it needs
  • understanding her metabolic rate
  • learning how much carbs, micro and marcro-nutrients her body really needs
  • how to fuel her body before a performance
  • how to stay properly hydrated
  • which foods helped with injury recovery

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