(Don’t) Put Your Back Into It: How to Properly Lift a Weight

If you’ve ever suffered from a backache or injury you know one thing: you don’t realize how important your back is until it’s hurt.   Back problems are extremely common amongst Americans.  But, there are some ways to prevent them. Using proper form when you are lifting an object of heavy weight is one of those ways!

Don’t get me wrong, if you want to gain strength and burn fat, it is absolutely crucial that you push your body to new limits and LIFT HEAVY.  That being said, so many people don’t know how to LIFT heavy without destroying their backs.  I promise you, there is a better way.

We’ve Got Your Back!

Check out this quick 5-minute video to learn how to PROPERLY pick up a heavy weight in the gym and how NOT to throw your back out.

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Hannah Giangaspro, Exercise Science and Nutrition Intern


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