Staying Hydrated: A Step-By-Step Approach to Calculating Sweat Rate

You don’t have to stand outside long to know that summer is in full-swing.  It’s this time of year that I ask myself why I even bother showering.  I sweat just standing out there!  I guess it’s the price we pay for mild winters, huh?

Unfortunately, we can’t stop the sweating.  In fact, that would be pretty dangerous considering that sweat (precisely, it’s evaporation from the body) is the body’s mechanism for staying cool (or trying to) in this hellishly hot time of year.

However, what we CAN stop is dehydration–often a direct result of failing to replenish your body with the fluids it has lost through sweat.  Best way to do this?  Drink water.  But how much water?  Well, that’s going to involve some simple math (mwah ha ha).

How to Calculate Your Sweat Rate

Calculating your sweat rate is actually really simple to do.  First, pick a typical day weather-wise (aka 100+ degrees and humid).  Weigh yourself with light clothing on and write it down somewhere.  Then, go exercise.  Time yourself and keep track of how much water you drink (in ounces).  Write down how long your activity took and how much water you drank as soon as you’re done.  Next, change into some light, DRY clothing and weigh yourself again.  Write this down as well.  Now you’re ready to calculate your sweat rate!  But don’t worry, you can shower-up and eat something first (;

When you’re ready, pull out your notes from earlier and follow this video for step-by-step instructions to get your magic number!

But Wait, There’s More!

As I said in the video, water is just one of the components of sweat that need to be replenished.  The other major components are electrolytes–predominately sodium.  And, if you plan on exercising for a long time (i.e. more than 90 minutes), you’re going to need some carbs as well!

To figure out just how much electrolytes and carbs you need during exercise you’ll need to… well… you are just going to have to check out our Sports Nutrition Basics Program for that (;  With this ONLINE program, you can learn the nuts and bolts of sports nutrition, from hydration to meal planning, at your OWN TIME in your OWN HOME!

To learn more about this valuable program, click HERE.  Want to discuss it in person?  Schedule a FREE No Obligation Consultation HERE.

Stay hydrated, my friends!

Hannah Giangaspro, B.S.
Intern Administrative Assistant
Exercise Science and Nutrition Intern


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