What Your Young Athlete Should Eat After a Late Night Practice or Game

It’s 9:00pm and your young athlete is starving after their practice or game.

What do you feed them?

You don’t want them going to bed on an uncomfortably full stomach, but not an empty one either. It’s important to feed them after a long evening of competition, to support training adaptation. By not feeding them, you’re doing their body a disservice.

But rather than just grabbing a bag of chips, you want to choose nourishing food that helps build and repair their muscles.

Luckily, it’s simpler than you think to quickly feed your athlete with healthy food late at night before bed. You can easily prepare it ahead of time for either the ride home in the car, or soon after returning home.

Watch my video to first learn the 3 things you need to focus on when feeding your young athlete at night after performing – these will support muscle building and repair, and keep them feeling full longer. PLUS, I provide examples for 3 different options of what you can feed them that contain the protein, amino acids, carbohydrates and fat to accomplish this!

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