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Fat Loss for Athletes

It’s new year’s resolution time, when I hear from so many athletes looking for the magic solution to fat loss.

However, what prevents a lot of them from succeeding is the tendency to go on diets that are not appropriate for their goals, lifestyle, and level of activity.

Much of the work I do with clients is helping them learn a solid and sustainable approach to losing fat and building muscle, and in this video, I break down the formula that works.

To achieve fat loss the right way, watch this video to learn my tips about:

  1. Why you need to set realistic goals that are sustainable and match your lifestyle and age, that are supported by not just losing body fat, but getting healthier and stronger.
  2. Why you should forget about popular diets that are not customized to your needs, and result in slowing your metabolism due to under-fueling.
  3. How to balance your plate to match your activity level (*watch the video for what this means with carbs, protein, vegetables, and fat).
  4. How to listen to your hunger and fullness cues (*watch to learn my tips on using the hunger-fullness scale).

As a final tip:

I suggest you write down what you eat over a few days, which is what I ask all of my new clients to do. This will help you get a clearer idea of where adjustments are needed, and also to help reinforce better eating habits!

This is a formula for success with my clients, however, everyone’s needs are different, and require a customized plan based on their unique situation and goals. This is what The Sustainable Sports Nutrition Academy provides! This comprehensive program is a result of my 10+ years of experience of supporting athletes, all in one step-by-step program, that provides a sustainable approach that’s based on science.

Contact me any time to schedule a free 15-minute consultation, so we can discuss your particular situation and goals.

To get started and learn more, click HERE to schedule your FREE no obligation consultation! I’d love to talk to you and find out more about your goals and show you how I can help you get better at your sport and /or get healthier. Virtual Consultations available in the comfort of your home!

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