Exercising On Vacation

Summer is here and that mean vacation season is upon us. Vacations are great to get away, relax, and have some fun with family and friends. However, they aren’t so great for the waist line that you have worked so hard to keep in check. Most people wind up gaining ~5 lbs while on vacation for a week…don’t be a victim! With proper nutrition (see previous blog post: “Healthy Eating While Traveling”) and a fitness plan in place, you can avoid putting on those extra lbs! No need to overthink your fitness plan while on vacation; check out my 4 easy tips to help you be more successful with your workouts while on vacation this summer:

  1. Be prepared: When scheduling your vacation, research your hotel and scope out the area you will be staying in. Does your hotel have a fitness room, and if so, what type of equipment does it have? Is your hotel located near a park or off of a busy highway? Knowing what you have to work with ahead of time will make it easier to develop a workout regimen that you can successfully fulfill amid the fun and sun of vacation.
  2. Keep it simple: Once you know what you have to work with, you can develop your workouts around what you have. When preparing your workouts remember to keep them simple. Do a workout you have done before, with movements that you are familiar with. Don’t perform a workout routine you have never done before, as this will only make you sore for the rest of your vacation. Also, unfamiliar movements will take more time in the gym to complete. You want to know what you are doing so you can get in and out of the gym quickly and efficiently.
  3. Schedule your workouts: The most important part of successful workouts is making a schedule for what days you want to exercise. Plan your workout regimen around your vacation activities. Days that you know are less busy or traveling are great days to get a workout in. Unless you are used to waking up at 5 or 6 in the morning to work out, attempting to do so on vacation in order to squeeze in a workout will only cause you to be tired and miserable.
  4. Fun activities: Last but not least, think of fun active activities to do while on vacation to keep those calories burning. Take surf lessons, go on a scenic hike/bike ride, play sand volleyball, or run on the beach! Check out local activities for where you will be vacationing ahead of time and schedule them into your vacation plans.

Try This Simple Routine On Your Next Vacation!

Day 1: 45 minute hike or walk on the beach (try to walk in dry sand rather than wet sand), stretch for 5-10 minutes following

Day 2: Full Body Weight Routine (30 min): 15 each x 3 rounds

  • Push ups
  • Squats with dumbbells
  • Bicep curls
  • Walking lunges
  • Dips on side of bench
  • Bridge (single or double leg)
  • Plank- hold 30-60 seconds
  • Side plank- hold 15-45 seconds

Day 3: Paddleboard or kayak 1 hour

Day 4: Repeat full body workout

Day 5: 10 minute HIIT running workout (can be performed on a bike/elliptical):

  • Walk 3-5 minutes to warm up
  • Sprint as fast as you can for 20-40 seconds
  • Walk for remainder of the minute (if you sprinted 20 seconds, you have a 40 second walk; if you sprinted 40 seconds, you have a 20 second walk)
  • Repeat sprint/walk cycle for 10 minutes total
  • Walk 3-5 minutes to cool down

Day 6: yoga for 30-45 minutes (check out Yogaglo.com or YouTube for free yoga videos!)

Day 7: rest


Keep these tips in mind while planning your vacations this summer. Enjoy your vacations while maintaining all your hard work! If you have any more questions about staying active or how to eat healthier while on vacation call us today at Elite Nutrition and Performance and set up a FREE No Obligation Consultation for a customized plan for YOU!

Jesa Culy, ACE Certified Personal Trainer






Jesa Culy, BS, ACE-CPT


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