Plyo Pushup How-To

Welcome, to week two of our pushup video series!

Last week we talked about the versatility of a push-up, and how it can target different aspects in your training programs. We left you with a video on how to do a 180-degree pushup (plyo pushup), which really gets your heart pumping!

In today’s video we are going to show you how to do a plyo pushup. This push-up focuses on strength, core stability, and power. The more power you can produce, the higher your jump will be.

Important things to keep in mind when performing the plyo pushup:

  1. Keep your core tight and hips level through your pushup and jumps
  2. Land softly and absorb your landing with your arms (keeping your core tight and strong will help with this).
  3. If you start to get really good, try adding in a clap. Then see how many claps you can get between your push-ups.

Good luck! And enjoy this week’s pushup.

If you have anymore questions about fitness or nutrition please call us today at Elite Nutrition and Performance and set up a NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION with one of our registered dietitians.


Jesa Culy personal Trainer from ENP

Jesa Culy BS, ACE-CPT

Hannah Giangaspro, Exercise Science and Nutrition Intern

Hannah Giangaspro, Exercise Science and Nutrition Intern


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