How to Mindfully Eat Your Way Through the Holidays

Is it possible to eat mindfully through the holidays, while surrounded by temptation?

Let’s face it, the holidays are when most people tend to blow it when it comes to their diet. I’ve heard people say they literally dread the holidays for this reason….there’s so much they can’t eat. This simply is not true!

The fact is food is fuel no matter if YOU think it’s good or bad. This holiday season I want you to mindfully eat your way through the holidays. This means eating regularly throughout the day, eating when you’re hungry, stopping when you’re full and treating the holiday meal as just that- a meal.

Eating mindfully is one of those skills we are born with, but life is constantly pulling us in different directions, and it’s hard to pay attention to what our body is telling us. When mindful eating does not occur, the result is over-eating, under-eating, disordered eating and so on.

The good news is you can get this skill back and I want to help you! As someone who has struggled with disordered eating for years and subsequently practiced mindful eating for years, I want to share with you what I know.

What is Mindful Eating?

The key principles of mindful eating are as follows:

  • Eat when you’re hungry (even if you feel like you shouldn’t be hungry)
  • Stop eating when you are satisfied or comfortably full
  • Fill up on a balanced plate with a protein, carb, and veggie first
  • Don’t skip meals to make room for a big meal later
  • Eat what you want and don’t feel guilty about it

Check out this video to find out how YOU can mindfully eat your way through the holidays!

Also, be sure to check out my video, Balancing Nutrition and Health Over the Holidays, which gives more tips to enter January on track!

My hope is that you’ll get the hang of this practice of eating for enjoyment ‘mindfully’ this holiday season, and use this approach to help you maintain control over those treats, rather than the treats controlling you!

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