Kristen Ziesmer, Sports Dietitian - How to Meal Prep Breakfast for Busy Mornings

How to Meal Prep Breakfast for Busy Mornings


Yes, it is possible to have a healthy breakfast on busy mornings.

It just needs a bit of meal prep ahead of time.

If you’re like me, your mornings are busy and there’s never enough time! Cooking a gourmet breakfast is out of the question and sometimes even eating is too! But like mom always said, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” There’s good reason for this.

Skipping breakfast can lead to:

  • low blood sugar= low energy
  • performing poorly at work or at school
  • performing poorly in sport
  • overeating= weight gain
  • heart attacks (increases risk by 27%!)

Make Mornings Easy!

So to avoid the headache in the morning, meal prep your breakfast! Just like any meal, you can prepare breakfast ahead of time. My favorite time to do this is Sunday night- I generally am just getting ready for the week at this time. If I’ve been traveling over the weekend, I make a point to get home early enough to meal prep.

However, in order to meal prep effectively, you must have a meal plan! Check out my blog on how to meal plan for the week. Food will stay fresh for about a week in the fridge and if that weirds you out, you can freeze part of it.

Check out my video on how to meal prep breakfast for busy mornings.

In it you will find my two favorite recipes I use to meal prep breakfast, plus an easy way to save money on organic veggies! No more excuses for skipping that important meal of the day!

No need to use Jimmy Dean products for breakfast that are chock full of sodium, nitrates and other preservatives. Make your own meals using fresh, whole foods! What are your favorite meals to prep for breakfast? I’d love to hear!

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Do you need help with a customized meal plan? Schedule a free 15-minute consultation, so we can discuss your particular situation and goals!

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