How to Alleviate Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

This video demonstrates 4 exercises with 2 pieces of equipment to help alleviate low back pain during pregnancy.

Even if you’re not pregnant but are experiencing low back pain, you can implement these exercises.

Well I’m a little late in posting this video! My husband and I just finished selling our old house, buying a new one and moving in…whew! Needless to say, the past few weeks have been exhausting and somewhat of a blur. During all that moving, my low back pain starting acting up again so I made sure I got back to performing these necessary exercises to alleviate my low back pain…one of the many not so pleasant side effects of pregnancy!

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Back Pain During Pregnancy: An Unpleasant Reality

In the beginning of my pregnancy I was experiencing what felt like a tight glute muscle that I just couldn’t manage to stretch. I tried foam rolling and getting into all types of crazy positions to stretch but nothing worked! About a month later, that “tight glute” turned into sharp pain in my tailbone if I moved a certain way. After talking to my Physical Therapist friend, Courtney Andrews, DPT, I discovered that my hypothesis was correct…I was experiencing SI Joint Pain.

SI stands for sacroiliac, which is essentially where your pelvis and sacrum attach. Due to the relaxin that is produced during pregnancy (hormone that makes your joints relax in preparation for baby and delivery), joints can move and cause pain when they normally wouldn’t. The movement in my SI joint was causing this sharp pain that eventually would cause shooting pains down my leg from hitting a nerve.

So How Do You Alleviate Low Back Pain in Pregnancy?

I made several changes in my day to day life that helped alleviate my pain. First, I noticed that if I bent over and stood back up in a deadlift motion my back would not hurt. It was when I wasn’t paying attention and I rounded my back when bent over that issues would flair up. So, obviously I watched my posture and posture in movement.

I started sleeping with a pillow between my legs at night to prevent over stretching of the ligaments and tendons in my hips and back. Equally as important, I started doing specific exercises to target strengthening my low back, core and glutes so I could execute good posture throughout the day. The exercise part I will say is the number one thing that helped ease my pain!

During all this moving and unpacking, I did not keep up with my workout routine for two weeks and boy did I pay for it! After about a week I noticed some back pain creeping back in. A few days later I was walking like an old lady at times. I must stick in here that I did not move anything heavy! I was only unpacking boxes and putting things away.

Watch the video below to find out what I do in my workouts to help strengthen my back and alleviate my low back pain in pregnancy! Even if you’re not pregnant but are experiencing low back pain, you can implement these exercises.

Not sure you can exercise during pregnancy? Think again!

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