Kristen Ziesmer, Sports Dietitian - Can Alcohol be Part of a Healthy Diet

Can Alcohol be Part of a Healthy Diet?

Will it matter that much if I drink?

The question of drinking alcohol or not comes up a lot, and many of my clients wonder if alcohol should be totally off limits.

In this video, I discuss why the answer depends on what you’re drinking, how much, and what you’re mixing it with, to help you find the right balance for your lifestyle and goals. I also reveal why the alcohol itself is the problem, and how compared to protein, carbohydrates and fat, it’s on the higher end of containing calories per gram.

As a contributor to belly fat, I review how and why it also hinders performance and recovery time.

Watch to learn about:

  1. What you’re drinking: the 3 major types of alcohol; wine, beer and liquor, the calories contained in each drink per ounce, and a handy tip to measure what a 5 oz. glass of wine is.
  2. My recommended weekly limit for men and women
  3. When NOT to drink for optimal sports performance and to lose weight
  4. My mixing tips for reducing calories

My hope is with these tips, you can enjoy that well-earned drink the smart way, and not suffer the health effects that will hold you back from achieving your optimal health and performance!

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