An Interview with Sarah, an Elite Nutrition & Performance Athlete

1) What goals are you striving to accomplish in working with Elite Nutrition & Performance?

During my time with Elite Nutrition & Performance, I hope to lose body fat, gain muscle definition, increase my strength and endurance, and learn how to maximize my health with diet and exercise.

2) What has it been like to work with ENP? Describe your experience so far?

Working with ENP has been a wonderful learning experience. As an Exercise Science student, I learn about how my lifestyle can be improved with diet and exercise changes, but as a sponsored athlete, I am experiencing these changes firsthand. I am pushing myself harder during workouts and eating much healthier and smarter now that I am a sponsored athlete with ENP. I am proud of the progress I have made thus far and look forward to experiencing more progress as my sponsorship continues.

3) Has your experience been what you expected, why or why not?

My experience has not been what I expected- it has been much more comprehensive than I originally anticipated. When I applied for the program, I thought that I would receive personal training and periodic diet counseling that would help me become a better athlete. Instead, I have received so much more personalized support and guidance than I could have ever imagined. I am so grateful for the constant encouragement, check-ins, and advice from the experts at ENP. This experience has been wonderful thus far and I am proud to represent this company.

4) Have you seen any benefits from working with ENP thus far? If so, what?

I have seen many benefits from working with ENP thus far, including increased strength and endurance during workouts, more energy, and better knowledge of what and when to eat throughout the day.


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