Becoming an Elite Athlete:

A comprehensive sports nutrition and training program designed to excel any athlete to the top!

Becoming an Elite Athlete

Maximize your child’s potential through proper sports nutrition and sports specific training!

  • Are you the parent of an athlete who needs help with sports nutrition but is wary of what they find on the internet?
  • Are you a coach who watches your athletes failing to perform at their full potential due to poor diet and fueling practices?
  • Are you tired of your child getting sports-related injuries that can easily be alleviated with the proper training?
  • Are you a parent of an athlete who is concerned with your child and child’s teammates engaging in disordered eating and improper fueling?

It’s no mystery that what you put in your body is what you get out of it. That means a poor diet, insufficient fuel intake, inappropriate supplements and lack of recovery practices can break any talented athlete.

A proper fueling program can make a good athlete a great athlete! Currently, about 3-7% of high school athletes will go on to play at the collegiate level. Of those collegiate athletes, only 1-2% will go to play in the pros.

Now is the time to give every student athlete his or her best shot at making it to the top!

Introducing the only program of its kind in the state of South Carolina, “Becoming an Elite Athlete!”

This 12-week program designed by Sports Dietitian and owner of Elite Nutrition & Performance, Kristen Ziesmer, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD, will take your good athlete and make them a great athlete through proper sports nutrition and sports specific training.

This program is unlike any other because it focuses on the individual’s needs, goals and current situation from a nutrition and training standpoint all while teaching them how and why to make small, positive changes that will cause a great impact on their athletic career.

Each month, your athlete will work individually with one of our performance specialists to create a specific strength and conditioning plan that will complement their sport. In addition, he or she will receive a monthly training plan to follow on their own, customized to equipment available.

The athlete will also work with Sports Dietitian, Kristen Ziesmer, through 7 individual “classes” designed to teach them the basics through intricacies of fueling for their needs. Each session will focus on educating the student athlete how to create an individualized plan for themselves as well as practical applications for proper fueling that can easily be applied day to day. Each student will have “homework” to complete to ensure these practices are adopted and performed daily to improve sports performance. Each session will build upon the last in terms of information covered and will help to support what they are already doing in the school’s athletic program. Lastly, each student will receive bonuses such as, a grocery shopping guide, a cookbook, and various educational handouts.

Program Schedule:

Session 1: Nuts & Bolts of FuelingBalanced plate

Properly fueling the athletic body is a science and can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be! During this session, sports dietitian, Kristen Ziesmer, will educate each student on the fundamentals of fueling their energy-hungry body to keep he or she going strong.

Each student will learn:

  1. The role each food group plays in the body
  2. Portion sizes of each food group and examples of each
  3. How to combine food groups to keep energy levels up high
  4. Nutrient timing throughout the day
  5. Meal and snack ideas

Following this session, each athlete will have a strong base of foods and nutrients that will instantly have them feeling better mentally and physically.

Each athlete will know how to combine and consume nutrients for optimal energy throughout the day, every day.

Session 2: Individualized Fueling Plan

nutrition planDuring this session, each athlete will learn how to determine his or her individualized nutrient needs. Kristen will walk everyone through the important calculations and considerations necessary to determine resting metabolic rate, calories burned through exercise and activities of daily living. Furthermore, students will learn how to break down their caloric needs into proper ratios of carbs, fats and proteins and how to spread them out over the course of the day. Kristen will also teach students how to practically eat to fit their plan.

Each student will walk away from this class with an individualized nutrition plan that fits his or her needs!

Session 3: Shopping for Optimal Sports Performance

During this session Kristen will bring the grocery store to the classroom for a lesson on how to grocery shop for optimal sports performance. Following this class, students will step into their eating power by learning exactly what to look for on food labels to make the best food decisions possible.

Students will learn about foods that will enhance their health & performance rather than those that will rob performance, all while increasing food variety.

Students will learn:Nutrition facts label

  1. How to read food labels and ingredient lists
  2. How to determine if the food is truly worth the money
  3. Budget saving tips
  4. The Health Halo Effect and how to avoid it
  5. How to navigate around the grocery store and the best way to fill a shopping cart
  6. Kristen’s recommendations on what to buy and what to avoid

Session 4: Hydration & Supplements

Did you know that a 2% decrease in hydration status can equate to a 20% decrease in performance?hydration

Student athletes are putting their lives on the line from improper hydration. During this session, Kristen will teach each athlete how to calculate his or her sweat rate and develop a personalized hydration plan just for them! We will take an in-depth look at the various sports supplements on the market today- from hydration supplements to supplements that promise muscular gains and huge performance gains. We will review the science of what works, which are simply marketing ploys and which is just plain dangerous.

During this class students will learn:

  • How to calculate sweat rate and create a hydration plan based on this information
  • The role of water, sports drinks and electrolyte beverages- what is appropriate and when
  • How to evaluate supplement effectiveness, quality and safety
  • A review of current supplements on the market- what to look for and avoid
  • Most common supplements, their role and what has been proven to work

Session 5: Fueling Your Trainings Nutrition for runners

Coaches, parents and athletes alike can rejoice in the completion of practices and training sessions with boundless energy!

This is because Kristen will teach each athlete how to fuel his or her body properly before, during and after each and every training session. Each athlete will know exactly what, how much and when to consume fuel to get the most out of their training sessions, which will ultimately impact their performance come game day.

Students will learn:

  1. The difference between the various “food” sports supplements- bars, gels, powders
  2. What to eat before, during and after training sessions
  3. How to minimize stomach distress
  4. How to fuel properly when engaged two-a-days
  5. Differences in fueling for strength and conditioning vs. practice
  6. Recommendations for pre and post workout snacks- practice putting together balanced snacks
  7. Sample pre and post workout snack ideas

Session 6: Travel Nutrition & Game Day

winning runner

This is where the nutrition plan created in the first class will come full circle and all the pieces of the puzzle will be put together.

Kristen will help each athlete nutritionally prepare for game day by educating on what to eat the night before, morning of, during and in between those games/competitions. Furthermore, we will discuss how to prepare when games are out of town. No longer will athletes have to be at the mercy of what’s available at the game.

Students will learn:

  1. Best fast food options
  2. Meal prep and packing for eating on the road
  3. On the go snack ideas and portable sources of protein
  4. What to eat/drink morning of a game and throughout the day in between games
  5. What to eat/drink post game

Session 7: Rest & Recovery

Recovery is something that gets very little attention in the athletic world. We’ve all heard the word but what does it actually mean?

In this workshop Kristen will explain the recovery pyramid that is essential for each student to know to be an ELITE athlete at any stage in the game!foam roller

During this class, students will learn the importance of and how to incorporate:

  1. Post workout & competition fueling
  2. Fueling in the off season- focusing on weight management
  3. Practical applications for best sleeping practices
  4. Stretching, foam rolling
  5. Compression stockings
  6. Massage

How far could your young athlete go if they had the right tools?

Just imagine your son or daughter being “back in the game!” What would change for them if their energy levels, strength and power increased dramatically? Less bench time? Increased confidence and drive? Possibly an athletic scholarship to the college of their choice?

That is what the becoming an Elite Athlete Program is about, making changes that increase atheletes performance and help them develop lifelong healthy habits based on nutrition and training.


Students in the BEA program experience results like these:

Success story“My 16 year old daughter, Loranna, plays club soccer and runs cross country for her high school.  We had noticed a significant drop in her athletic performance for a couple of months.  She suffered unexplained, quick onset of fatigue and lacked her usual explosiveness.  Therefore, we sought out Kristen at Elite Nutrition & Performance for evaluation and advice.

Kristen developed a comprehensive diet plan that has helped Loranna perform at the level that she is accustomed to within a few months of starting her plan.  Kristen and the staff at Elite Nutrition are highly knowledgeable and professional.  Their passion for their profession is evident.  They show enthusiasm and provided strong encouragement to my daughter throughout the process. We can’t thank them enough.”

This program will give your student athlete the tools necessary to help him or her excel in their sport and put them on the fast track to having a flourishing athletic career. This program is truly an investment in your student athlete’s future athletic career and health!