Fitness Fads: Barre

Barre classes are inspired by a combination of ballet, yoga and pilates.  The barre is used as a prop to help with balance while performing high repetition, small range of motion exercises that focus on contracting specific muscle groups. Barre also utilizes light hand weights to incorporate the upper body during your focused lower body pulses. Additional stretching and core work is done on floor mats to round out the exercise experience.


Increased flexibility and posture. Barre classes are all about posture, correct form, and stretching. Workouts are broken up into specific muscle segments, with focused stretching of the specific muscle group immediately after. This focus on form and stretching can help you relieve muscular tension and soreness following your workouts.

Low impact. Barre is a great workout due to its low weight, low intensity cardio, and is easy on your joints.  By focusing on small pulsatile movements, Barre allows you to build muscular endurance and core stability. This lower intensity workout can be a great introductory style for those new to exercise, or a recovery workout for those with more fitness experience.


Repetition. Barre classes are structured the same for every class, and variation is very minimal. If you require novelty and stimulation with your workouts, Barre classes are likely not for you on a regular basis.

Strength training and cardio supplementation. Barre classes max out at five-pound weights, and even though you may see initial changes, your body will quickly adjust and further gains will be minimal. Consistent strength training with heavier weights will be required if you desire true body change. Barre’s cardiovascular demands are not enough to be considered a true cardio workout, and if you desire more significant calorie burn you will need additional exercises that more effectively elevate your heart rate.


Barre can help create a balance in your fitness routine, but does not provide all the necessary elements as a solitary fitness fad. By focusing your workouts around strength training and endurance, you can incorporate interactive classes like Barre to improve posture, flexibility and core stability. By recognizing Barre for what it is, you can utilize it most effectively in your workout regimen.


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Jesa Culy Jesa Culy, ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Ace Certified Personal Trainer



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