The Endurance Athlete’s Guide to Fueling Early in the Season

You have your race calendar all mapped out with you’re A race and all the little ones that will be part of your training schedule. You have all your gear, your training plan is set, and you’re beyond ready to get started! But there’s something missing…your nutrition plan! A sports nutrition plan should always start when you start your training. Yes, that means early on in the season! It never really ends because you will fuel your body depending on where you are in the season- this is called sports nutrition periodization.

Fueling early on in the season will look drastically different than it will in the middle and late in the season. You fuel differently based on your training load. You wouldn’t eat like you are going to run 10 miles/week right before a race. Likewise, you won’t eat like you’re going to run 50 miles/week when you’ll only run 10! Unfortunately, this is a common mistake I see among endurance athletes but a little tweaking can go a long way! A solid sports nutrition plan can make or break your performance- trust me, I’ve made all the mistakes to know!

Watch the video below to find out exactly you need to be doing to fuel your body early in the season.

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Kristen Ziesmer, MS, RD, CSSD, LD
Registered Dietitian, Board Certified Sports Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Elite Nutrition & Performance


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