Kristen Ziesmer, Sports Dietitian - Perform Like a Pro - Power Boosting Leg and Core Workout

Perform Like a Pro: Power Boosting Leg and Core Workout


Bikers, swimmers, and runners… that means you!

When I was a triathlete, I thought the key to success was pounding the pavement for miles and miles, stretching and rolling out afterwards, and nothing else (except a 20-mile bike ride on Sunday… that was my “off-day”). Unfortunately, the only results I got from this training plan were shin splints, sciatica, sore joints, and hips so tight I couldn’t lift my leg more than a few inches off the ground. I started getting deep tissue massages, which helped a little bit, but eventually my performance plateaued and began to worsen once more. Finally, in college, after a devastating muscle strain, my trainers recommended I try functional training.

Now, functional training is SO MUCH MORE than a regular lifting routine! You won’t find me in the gym doing any Olympic lifts, bench-pressing double my bodyweight, or throwing tires around. Instead, you will find me doing unique exercises that increase my range-of-motion and flexibility, strengthen my joints, improve my power, and reduce my chance of injury. Unlike the common misconception, my cross training in the gym did NOT make me bulkier, slower, and stiffer. I am stronger, but I am also much faster and healthier.

Don’t believe me? Well, here’s the stats:

  • 5K PR before I began functional training: 18:41
  • 5K PR after functional training: 17:33

Believe me now?!?!

Check out this video:

This demonstration takes you through a quick, yet effective, 10-minute workout to boost your leg power and strengthen that oh-so-important core.

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