Technology Break

Technology Break

Have you ever taken a morning hike or run and watched the sunrise? Or had your toes in the beach sand watching the sun set on the horizon over the water? These are just two examples of the world’s natural and beautiful daily miracles. Chances are, if your face is buried into a laptop, cell phone screen or television set, you miss out on these beautiful moments happening all around you.

Today, I am going to give you a task: Give up technology for 24 or 72 hours and find how much fun you’ve been missing out on, while staying active! I have compiled a list of healthy things to do for a day or a weekend getaway, instead of using technology.

How to live without technology:

  • Go camping with friends and family for a weekend and leave your cell phones hidden out of sight. Get covered in dirt, throw some 93% lean burgers on the grill, and end the night around a campfire. You’d be amazed at how much more fun it is actually conversing on these trips.

  • Take a morning walk or jog. And don’t forget to take your dogs with you! Remember, dogs need exercise as well. You get exercise and your dog loves to be outdoors!
  • Make use of your local trails and forests! Take a hike or go backpacking.

  • Grab your yoga mat and a friend to do yoga in the park!

  • Take that dance lesson you’ve been thinking about for years.
  • If you cannot get away, camp with your children in a tent in the backyard.
  • GET OUTSIDE: spend time with your family going for a walk, catching butterflies, playing soccer or basketball, or flying a kite.

  • Spice up your backyard with a garden! Added bonus: grow fruits and vegetables you can use when cooking at home to save you money!

  • Spend the day doing housework.
  • Grab your favorite swim suit and spend the day at the pool.
  • Spend the day fishing and swimming at the lake or beach
  • Instead of doing your workout inside a gym with your eyes glued to a television set, take it outside. Go for a run around your neighborhood and take your dumbbells to the park.
  • Spend a day doing arts and crafts with family and friends.
  • Spend family dinner talking to your family! No texting, no phone calls, no television.
  • Enjoy a night out with friends and leave your cell phones in the car! Have a nice dinner, have a picnic in the park or take a walk around the mall.
  • Play games at home. No, not video games! I’m talking about board games, charades, or any other games which require human interaction.

If you cannot find it possible to give up technology for an entire day, set a time in the evening when you completely turn off all electronics. When coming home from a long workday, constantly checking e-mails or social media does not give your body time to unwind or relax. Use this time to let your body fully recharge and prepare for tomorrow. Also, the light from your tablet or smart phone keeps your mind awake, making it harder to fall asleep at night or sleep well. Try to not use any electronics for 2 hours prior to bedtime.

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