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sports nutrition basics: fueling the endurance athlete


Sports Nutrition Basics: Fueling the Endurance Athlete ONLINE EDITION! FREE Info Session!!!

Ready to learn how to fuel your body to peak performance?!  This program will help you to do just that… all at your own time, in your own home!  Listen in on our FREE info session to find out how Sports Nutrition Basics will teach you how to eat like a champion.





Are you an endurance athlete or active individual who is:

  • Ready to take your performance to a whole new level and continually set new personal records for yourself?
  • Ready for a specific plan that tailors to your individual nutrition and fitness needs and goals?
  • Sick of wasting hours upon hours searching for the right plan only to be more confused than when you started?

If you said, “yes!” to any of these questions, then it may be time to stop wasting time and start training like an elite athlete (even if you’re not)!

 To be successful in any sport requires time, energy, commitment and a plan! Sports Nutrition Basics will help you create, implement and follow a customized plan that will have you performing like an elite athlete!

“Now that the dust has settled after completing my first half Ironman, I would like to share some thoughts on nutrition and endurance training.  A few years ago I did my first marathon. I trained well, but started lagging at mile 22 and was toast by mile 24. I think I had 4 gu’s throughout the race and water of course. See anything wrong here?? I physically felt horrible for days after. I wonder why…Next I ventured into the world of triathlons. As the distances got longer, I started struggling to get through the workouts. I began thinking maybe I was expecting too much, was too old, I should lower my performance expectations. About this time I met Kristen. She told me right off the bat that I wasn’t eating enough. Scary words for me as I had recently lost 40 lbs and was desperate to keep them off. She said those magic words, “trust me”. I did and began eating more and my endurance and performance both started to improve! I was so relieved that my earlier fears were just that, fears and not facts!! I went on to train long and hard to compete in my first Ironman to celebrate turning 60 last month. My performance went way beyond my greatest expectations!! My recovery has been much better than in the past as well. This experience has made a believer out of me!! Proper fueling of this engine that we call a body is key to performance levels.”

-Karen Kramer

This program is for any athlete who wants to crush their competition, including high school athletes, runners, triathletes, cyclists, martial artists, power lifters and more! No matter if you’re preparing for your first competition or you’re a seasoned athlete looking to reach your new personal record, this program is for you! During each hour-long session your sports dietitian will teach you the steps necessary to help you fuel your body for optimal performance.

Shannon & I have both been avid runners for most of our adult lives.  Over the years, we have consulted with various running coaches to fine tune our training, so we felt very confident in our training plan leading up to the Boston Marathon in April.  We knew that nutrition was a major factor in successful performances, so we were very excited to work with Kristen & her staff.  We soon learned that, even though we were both already fit & pretty healthy eaters, we had a lot to learn!  Kristen taught us how to change our diets based on what we already enjoy & also gave us great tips on other things to try.  She helped us to understand the proper balance of carbohydrates, protein, & fat depending on the intensity of our training.  We also learned the best ways to go into our long runs properly fueled & hydrated & how to stay that way throughout the run.  During our Boston training, we jumped at the opportunity to race a half marathon in Greenville to see how our training & nutrition was working.  We were very pleased with the results:  I ran a personal best, & Shannon ran her second best & placed first in her age group (pretty amazing especially considering she had been sidelined for most of 2015 due to injury!).  We finished up our marathon training well.  The last couple weeks we enjoyed tapering (less miles & less intensity) while increasing our caloric intake.  Well, I probably enjoyed the eating more than Shannon did!  We arrived in Boston feeling strong.  Race day was tough.  It was a lot hotter than anticipated, & we had a nasty headwind.  However, our training paid off.  Thanks to Kristen’s advice, we stayed fueled & hydrated.  We both finished with good enough times to qualify us to run the Boston Marathon again next year if we desire.  While we didn’t run personal bests for the marathon distance, we still finished well ahead of the majority of the pack.  We couldn’t be more pleased with that & know that our nutrition played a major role in our success!  Thanks Kristen & Elite Nutrition & Performance!


Session 1: Nuts & Bolts of High-Energy Eating

Session 2: Fueling Your Training

Session 3: Hydrate Your Way to Success

Session 4: Shopping for Optimal Performance

Session 5: Eat to Train and Not Train to Eat

Session 6: Fueling Your Best Competition Yet

Session 7: Fueling Your Future


What You Get:

  • Each session will be delivered directly to your inbox each week- you watch anytime and anywhere!
  • Worksheets for calculating your energy and hydration needs
  • Sample meal plans with portion size list
  • Grocery shopping list and grocery shopping guide
  • Supplement guide
  • Our Healthy Living Cookbook
  • Tons of recipes and other resources to help you fuel your body for optimal performance



grocery shopping guide
Healthy Living Cookbook
meal plans
supplement guide

Sports Nutrition Basics: Fueling the Endurance Athlete ONLINE EDITION! FREE Info Session!!!

Still not sure this program is for you? Listen in on our FREE info session to find out how Sports Nutrition Basics will teach you how to eat like a champion.

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