Small Group Training

Let’s be honest…exercising is not easy. Yeah I said it. It might be nice to walk around the neighborhood or jog every once in a while but hardcore working out….like waking up extra early just to get a workout in or being so sore you can’t get out of chair…that’s not fun. BUT it can be, with a little help from your friends J

Everything is easier when you have someone by your side doing it with you. That person equals required accountability, motivation and constant support. This is why the concept of small group training is so brilliant! Even if you don’t know anybody in the class you are attending, having that person next to you will make you work harder. As humans, it is engrained in our genetic makeup to work harder when someone is watching. This alone is a great reason to get started in our Personalized Group Training. If you’re nervous about getting back in the gym or nervous to work out for the first time, Elite is the place for you and let me tell you why.

At Elite Nutrition and Performance, our Personalized Group Training classes do not exceed more than 4 people for regular classes and 6 people for yoga. This small number of participants allows us to focus on each and every one in the class to ensure proper form, proper intensity and to prevent injury. When a trainer is looking over a class of 20 or 30 people it is nearly impossible to keep an eye on everybody. Having such a small class means we are also able to tailor workouts to members’ specific needs. We have several members with knee or backs issues so we plan alternate exercises or circuits designed just for them.

Along with the small number of participants, another benefit of our group classes is that Kristen is also a Registered Dietitian. She provides every member with a personalized meal plan at the start of your program. Along with the personalized meal plan, each member also receive emails every month throughout his or her journey including helpful supplemental information like guides to grocery shopping, healthy recipes or nutritional handouts. This is something that all the other gyms cannot offer. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle or train for an event, nutrition is THE main component to your success and without it your training will mean nothing.

At the moment we have 7 different group class times including morning and evening times throughout the week. Starting January 2015, we will increase the classes offered to include lunch time workouts. Our classes include Full Body TRX, H.I.T.T (High Intensity Interval Training), as well as yoga and stretching on Fridays. Each workout  is hour in length and covers weight training, cardio and stretching!

We have been offering Personalized Group Training for 8 months now and over that time we have proudly witnesses many accomplishments of our members. One of our members who participates in workouts regularly could barely hold a plank when she first started. Now she is doing walking planks! If you’ve ever attempted walking planks, you know what an accomplishment this is! Another one of our members, who has been attending our classes religiously now for several months, just reached her second goal of dropping 45 pounds. We couldn’t be more proud! To read more about her journey, visit her blog!

Our classes are open to any and everyone and we love to see new faces! Not sure if Personalized Group Training is the right fit for you? Visit our website for more information or check out a class for FREE! We also encourage you to schedule a FREE No Obligation Consultation to let us help you determine which of our services will work best for you. You can schedule this appointment by visiting our website and clicking the link at the bottom of the page or call us today and we will be happy to get you signed up!

Micah, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer



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