Recipe of the Month: Gluten-Free Veggie Quiche

Picture this: it's another crazy weekday morning.  After snoozing your alarm three times, you roll out of bed and embark on yet another attempt to make yourself look semi-presentable , even though you are absolutely exhausted and are already...

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Anti-Inflammatory Foods: Reduce Your Muscle Soreness!

What is Inflammation? Whether you are an athlete or an avid exerciser, there is a really good chance you know what soreness is (unless you are some sort of freak-of-nature... if that is the case, I envy you!).  A common...

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Food First, Supplements Second: Why Supplements Should Not be Your Primary Go-To

Well, whether we are ready to accept it or not, it’s beach season! With bathing suit weather upon us, it’s time to pull out our razors, tan our pale skin, and burn off all those Christmas cookies that have...

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Exercise is Medicine: Diabetes Management and Physical Activity

Although everyone can benefit from physical activity, individuals with diabetes can significantly improve their overall health by exercising regularly. Studies have shown that exercise can actually reduce the impact of diabetes on the body and prevent diabetes-related disease and...

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Recipe of the Month: Olive Oil Granola

A few years back at my bridal shower, one of the activities my maid of honor planned was to have everyone at the shower write out their favorite recipe for me. One of my friends and old roommate gave...

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The Endurance Athlete’s Guide to Fueling Early in the Season

You have your race calendar all mapped out with you’re A race and all the little ones that will be part of your training schedule. You have all your gear, your training plan is set, and you’re beyond ready...

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Perform Like a Pro: Power Boosting Leg and Core Workout

ATTENTION: IF YOU ARE AN ENDURANCE ATHLETE THIS IS A MUST READ!!! Bikers, swimmers, and runners… that means you! When I first started competitive running six years ago, I thought the key to success was pounding the pavement for miles and...

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Do I Really Need A Post-Workout Snack?

So you want to know if you really need a post-workout snack? My answer is exactly the same as it is to if you were asking about a pre-workout snack…YES! (If you want to read more on pre-workout snacks,...

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