(Don’t) Put Your Back Into It: How to Properly Lift a Weight

If you’ve ever suffered from a backache or injury you know one thing: you don’t realize how important your back is until it’s hurt.   Back problems are extremely common amongst Americans.  But, there are some ways to prevent them. Using...

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Training Low: A Scientific Approach to Low-Carb Diets in Endurance Athletes

Because I am a woman of my word, today I write to you (on a much more scientific level) about the effects of low-carbohydrate diets in athletes.  You know from last week's several paragraph rant that the high-fat/low-carb diet...

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Training Low: My Experience as an Endurance Athlete on a Low-Carb Diet

As an endurance athlete and Exercise Science major, I started hearing quite a bit about this high-fat, low-carb diet within the past few years.  The theory behind it is strong: eat as little carbs as possible (less than 50 grams...

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Recipe of the Month: Banana-Nut Cookies

Confession time. I am a soon-to-be Bachelor of Exercise Science as well as an aspiring registered dietitian. So, naturally, I do my best to eat right and stay fit. That being said, I LOVE SUGAR!! Like absolutely adore it,...

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Working Out to Maximize Fat-Burn: Less Time, More Results

Ever heard of EPOC? Yeah, neither had I until I started taking graduate-level Exercise Science courses. Now that I’ve learned quite a bit about it, I just have to clear something up: EPOC is a beautiful thing. In fact,...

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Building the Perfect Protein Shake

We've all seen those big dudes at the gym walking around like the Incredible Hulk, poking their chests out, and staring at themselves in the mirror.  While some of them drive me absolutely insane (Can you please stop admiring...

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Recipe of the Month: Gluten-Free Veggie Quiche

Picture this: it's another crazy weekday morning.  After snoozing your alarm three times, you roll out of bed and embark on yet another attempt to make yourself look semi-presentable , even though you are absolutely exhausted and are already...

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Anti-Inflammatory Foods: Reduce Your Muscle Soreness!

What is Inflammation? Whether you are an athlete or an avid exerciser, there is a really good chance you know what soreness is (unless you are some sort of freak-of-nature... if that is the case, I envy you!).  A common...

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