Sports Nutrition Basics: Fueling the Endurance Athlete ONLINE EDITION! FREE Info Session!!!

Ready to learn how to fuel your body to peak performance?!  This program will help you to do just that… all at your own time, in your own home!  Listen in to our FREE info sessions to find out how Sports Nutrition Basics will teach you how to eat like a champion.




Ironman Triathlon

This just in at ENP… TWO NEW E-BOOKS available for download!!!

The Comprehensive Guide to                                                         Sports Supplements


In this guide you will learn:

  • what supplements you should be taking and why
  • how to evaluate your supplements for safety and efficacy
  • best supplements and brands for you


Click HERE to learn more!

The Idiot’s Complete Guide to Fat Loss:                                         A Sustainable Approach


In this guide you will learn:

  • how many calories you specifically should be eating
  • how to tailor your daily meal plan to your needs
  • how to kick your weight-loss plateau to the curb


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Maximizing Your Running Performance: Workshop for Runners

$10 per person

Our runner’s workshop was a HUGE success–so much so that we want EVERYONE to have access to it!  At Elite Nutrition and Performance, we understand that life sometimes gets in the way.  This is why we are offering this workshop ONLINE for you to access at anytime, from anywhere!

CAUTION!! This is not your typical workshop! Be prepared to break a sweat as our highly specialized personal trainer and an NCAA Division One track athlete take you through a workout session full of functional movements. We’ll get you running smoother, faster, stronger, and longer! You’ll learn to MAXIMIZE YOUR RUNNING PERFORMANCE!


Are you an active individual, athlete, or someone who is just starting to get active? If so, you are in the right place!

As an athlete or active individual, you have similar yet different needs as compared to sedentary individuals. You need an expert who understands your active lifestyle, nutritional and training needs and can take you to the next level in your journey.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You struggle to maintain energy levels throughout the day and/or throughout your training
  • You feel like you work hard but still do not like what you see when you look in the mirror
  • You have a nutrition-related medical condition that is interfering with your life and ability to exercise at your full potential
  • You have specific nutrition, training or health goals for yourself

Get The Results You Dream Of!

Just imagine; Having boundless energy that takes you through your workouts and your full day without the need for copious amounts of caffeine and supplements, Actually enjoying what you see in the mirror and appreciating your physique, Learning how to holistically manage and improve your health all while being at the top of your game. Elite Nutrition and Performance will show you the way!

We’ve All Been There.

Yes, you read that right. Each and every one of us at Elite Nutrition & Performance had to start from somewhere. We weren’t born eating well and training hard…it’s a process based on science, consistency and balance. Notice nowhere did we mention fad diets, the latest and greatest piece of exercise equipment or a plateful of supplements? That’s because that’s not what we are about! Instead, Elite Nutrition & Performance is about real food, proper training to make you an Elite athlete and the research to back it up.

Ready to find out how we can help you become an Elite athlete?

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Top 5 Steps to Fuel Your Body for Peak Performance

 You’re working out like crazy and yet the scale seems to be increasing? Learn why and how to determine what the scale is telling you.

Ready to find out how we can help you decipher the scale?

Proper Form for Lifting

Free ebook, Download Now!

4 simple ways to know if you're losing fat or muscle

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