Does Alcohol Affect Sports Performance? A scientific review

Alcohol and performance- does one have an effect on the other? That is the question! Let's think about the races that involve drinking a beer after or even during! Lots of running and other athletic groups also get together...

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The Importance of Being a Positive Role Model

I had a very sad experience yesterday that reminded me of the power of being a positive role model. A 6 year old told me she needed to get skinny! Yes, a 6 year old little girl!! After I...

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Staying Hydrated: A Step-By-Step Approach to Calculating Sweat Rate

You don't have to stand outside long to know that summer is in full-swing.  It's this time of year that I ask myself why I even bother showering.  I sweat just standing out there!  I guess it's the price...

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Vacationing: The Healthy(er) Approach, Nutrition Edition

Figuring out exactly how I was going to write this blog was quite the challenge, to say the least.  The day before I left for my epic Philly/NYC vacation (which was absolutely fantastic, by the way), I had made...

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Vacationing: The Healthy(er) Approach, Fitness Edition

Well, I thought the time would never come... I'm going on vacation!  I will be spending my birthday watching U2 play in concert, and then topping it off with 6 more days exploring Philly and NYC!  To say I'm excited...

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Work the Buddy System: A Total-Body Workout to do with Your Friend

Let’s face it, there are times (lots of times) where we’d rather do anything besides work out.  Throughout this past year, this issue was especially hard for me because, no longer a student-athlete, I did not have that accountability...

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Recipe of the Month: Grilled Pineapple with Cinnamon

When my best friend from Tallahassee (I prefer to call it Tallanasty since I grew up a Florida Gator) visited me here in Columbia, we made these big plans to treat ourselves out to eat on our last night...

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I Hate Goodbyes… Hannah G’s (Kind of) Goodbye

Elite Nutrition and Performance is the fifth job I have worked during my 21 years on this earth.  That being said, it is the first job that I have ever felt truly passionate about, the first job that I...

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