Fat Loss for Athletes

It’s new year’s resolution time, when I hear from so many athletes looking for the magic solution to fat loss. However, what prevents a lot of them from succeeding is the tendency to go on diets that are not appropriate...

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Plant Based Protein vs Meat Based Protein – Which is Superior for Building Muscle and Recovery?

Which protein source is better for building muscle? For my clients, getting the right source, and the proper amount of protein is a top priority for optimal performance, building muscle, and faster recovery. However, it can be tricky to navigate the...

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My Top Tips for Getting in More Quality Food

Don’t have time to prepare and eat healthy, quality food? Getting organized and learning a few strategies for healthier eating is a key area I help my clients with. If you’re relying on vending machines or fast-food outlets a bit too...

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Why You’re Not Hitting New Personal Records

Has your sports performance stagnated? It happens. There are various reasons why you may have plateaued and not achieved new personal records for a long while. But in this video I’m going to address the three main reasons why, and what...

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Balancing Nutrition and Health Over the Holidays

Does the holiday season leave you 5 pounds heavier every January? Then watch this video where I discuss how you can balance your nutrition and health over the holidays, without depriving yourself. You have a holiday dinner or party gathering to...

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How to Have Your Halloween Candy and Eat it Too Without Overindulging

Is it possible to enjoy Halloween candy and holiday treats without overindulging and feeling guilty? The quick answer is, yes! But the question of how is what I discuss in this video. Halloween is the kick-off to the holiday season, surrounding...

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Improving Your Posture for Better Performance

Your posture matters much more than you might realize when it comes to improving athletic performance and avoiding injury. Healthy posture is important especially for weight-lifting and running. Why? It enables you to be a stronger runner because properly engaged glutes...

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Electrolyte Needs for Endurance Athletes

Understanding electrolyte needs is a big topic among the endurance athlete community, and for those just getting started in events such as triathlons and marathons. Low blood sodium, or hyponatremia is the main cause of muscle cramping, which every athlete...

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