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Top 5 Steps to Fuel Your Body for Peak Performance

Does this sound like you? You just can’t seem to make it through a workout, let alone the day, without running out of steam You’re confused on how to fuel your body to keep your blood sugar levels steady You’re sick of wading through the seas of nutrition information available only to be left more confused than when you started At Elite Nutrition & Performance, we know what it feels like to be completely lost when it comes to nutrition, training and fueling…we’ve all been there! You start to feel like “I give up, I guess this is just how it’s going to be!” It doesn’t have to be and we can help you!

This free report is the gateway to starting a journey to a healthier, more energetic, better performing YOU!

Inside You Will Find:

  • Which foods will provide your body with clean fuel to keep your gas tank full and burning!
  • How to keep your blood sugar levels steady to avoid energy highs, followed by crashes!
  • How to balance your plate to keep you full and satisfied without overdoing it!

4 Simple Tricks To Monitor Your Progress

About the Author, Kristen Ziesmer, MS, RD, CSSD, LD

Kristen Tice-Ziesmer is a Registered Dietitian, Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Elite Nutrition and Performance, LLC (ENP). She is the only board certified sports dietitian and certified personal trainer in the state of South Carolina! Kristen is a highly sought after nutrition speaker and media source for trusted nutrition information. She has been featured on Fox News, CBS News 19, WIS T.V., Midlands Biz and is a speaker for local sports teams and organizations. In addition to speaking, Kristen provides nutrition counseling to a variety of athletes and clients who have
nutrition-related medical conditions.