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Nutrition can be thought of in terms of running a car. If you don’t have enough gas, you’re not getting anywhere fast. If you don’t have the right type of gas or oil in your engine, your car is going to be running very sluggishly or not at all. Fueling your body can be thought of in the same way; if you’re not putting enough of the right types of foods in to your body, you won’t be performing at optimal levels. Choosing the right types of foods and determining the right amounts can be confusing.

To further complicate things, your nutritional needs are going to vary from person to person. This means a cookie cutter plan will not suffice for everyone. So why trust your nutrition needs to some generalized information you find on the Internet that may not even apply to you?

Everyone is different!

At Elite Nutrition & Performance we understand that each person is different, experiences different problems, have different needs and goals. We also know that in the cutthroat world of sports, opinions don’t matter; expertise and results matter! That’s why when you work with ENP, you will be working with a qualified sports nutrition and training professional that will guide YOU to determine YOUR needs and practical ways to help YOU reach YOUR goals!

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Typical Clients We Work With:

  • Teens and adults who are just beginning their journey to a healthy lifestyle
  • Athletes and individuals with medical conditions (i.e. diabetes, high blood pressure, Celiac Disease, IBS) and food allergies/sensitivities
  • Eating disorders and disordered eating- we work with recently discharged clients as well as those struggling with subclinical disordered eating
  • Athletes looking to enhance their performance and compete at the top of their game
    • High school athletes through professional athletes
    • Weight class athletes: dancers, gymnasts, ice skaters, bikini competitors, figure competitors
    • Endurance athletes: runners, swimmers, triathletes, mud runners/tough mudders, ultra endurance runners
    • Power sports: martial arts, football players, weight lifters



Not sure which of our services and programs will work best for you?

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  1. Do you have some pounds to shed but are sick and tired of popping pills, following the latest fad or yo-yo diet? Are you ready for a lifestyle change and are interested in going back to the basics and starting over again? Do you already exercise to some extent and really need more help with your diet? Be the Boss of Your Weight Loss is for you!
  2. Did you say yes to any of the above but also need help with an exercise program? Are you interested in learning how to improve your diet and feel you take guidance and direction well? Do you like exercising with others? Personalized Group Training is for you!
  3. Did you say yes to any of the above but are more interested in one on one training? Are you an endurance athlete who does not engage in any weight lifting and is looking for a leg up on your competition? Are you a bikini or figure competitor who needs guidance on how to bring your best package to the stage? Are you an adult who just needs a good old kick in the butt with your fitness and diet? Individual Personal Training is for you!
  4. Are you an athlete (or want to be) but are confused on what diet is best for you? Not sure if you need supplements, which ones and when? Need to get a little leaner and/or put on some muscle mass but are lost on how to get there? Interested in learning how to put all the pieces of the sports nutrition puzzle together? Are you a parent of a high school or college-aged athlete? Athlete’s Nutrition is for you!
  5. Do you have a nutrition-related medical condition and need a Registered Dietitian to help you manage your condition? Do you have an eating disorder or disordered eating? Do none of the above apply to you and you just need some guidance on eating healthier and/or losing some weight? Individual Nutrition Counseling is for you!


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