ReCharge Your Health: Ditch the Diet and Fuel Your Body for Optimal Health

Does this sound like you?.

nutrition confusion

  • You’re tired of the gimmicks and fads and want a lifestyle change

  • You have some weight to lose and have some room for improvement when it comes to your health

  • You are confused on the right and wrong ways of nutrition and exercise


Just imagine…

  • Feeling better physically and emotionally
  • Having confidence in knowing what you’re eating is the healthiest option for your body
  • Actually looking forward to going to the doctor (because you’ll be getting a good report!)
  • Not having to cut all the foods you enjoy out of your diet
  • Feeling comfortable in the gym, knowing exactly what to do and how
recharge your health

Stephanie B&A

Meet Stephanie!


Session 1:Nutrition 101

Session 2: Metabolism & Weight Loss

Session 3: Building A Better Plate & Meal Planning

Session 4: Exercise is Part of the Equation Too!

Session 5: Grocery Shopping For Weight Loss

Session 6: Dine With A Dietitian

Ready to ditch the fad dieting and start on changing your life?!

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4 Simple Ways to Know if You're Losing Fat or Muscle e-book

4 simple ways to know if you're losing fat or muscle

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