ReCharge Your Health: Ditch the Diet and Fuel Your Body for Optimal Health

Does this sound like you?.

nutrition confusion

  • You’re tired of the gimmicks and fads and want a lifestyle change

  • You have some weight to lose and have some room for improvement when it comes to your health

  • You are confused on the right and wrong ways of nutrition and exercise


Just imagine…

  • Having a good relationship with food and your body
  • Having confidence in knowing that you’re fueling your body properly
  • Being able to balance eating for health and pleasure without feeling guilty
  • Feeling comfortable in the gym, knowing exactly what to do and how
recharge your health

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Meet Stephanie!


Session 1: Nutrition 101

This session is the core of the “Be the Boss of Your Weight Loss” program. In this session you will learn the basics of nutrition that most people think they know, but usually don’t (or are misinformed on). This session will lay the foundation for the remainder of the program…you won’t want to miss this! You will learn what are the basic food groups, what foods are found in each group, the role of each in terms of nutrition and weight loss, portion sizes, and more! You will finish this session with several goals to work on, some homework and feeling motivated!

Session 2: Metabolism & Weight Loss

In this session you will learn how to lose the fat and still keep the things you want in your diet! Sounds too good to be true? It’s not and you’ll learn why! In this workshop, you will gain a better understanding of what exactly metabolism is, what it means in terms of fat loss. You will learn how the metabolism works and what affects it and simple things you can do to increase yours. You will figure out exactly what your energy and nutrients needs are, as well as how to change these as needed. Lastly, you will learn how certain diets and eating plans affect your metabolism and determine the best course of action for you.

Session 3: Building a Better Plate & Meal Planning

This session will focus on how to maximize your nutrient intake for optimal health and increased energy, all while watching the pounds melt away! You will learn how to balance your plate with foods from each food group that are proven to keep you feeling full, satisfied and never deprived. Long will be the days of the 3 o’clock slump or uncontrollable cravings! You will learn how to create a personalized meal plan based on your individual needs, food preferences and tailored to your day. Finally you can take the guesswork out of eating for weight loss!

Session 4: Exercise Is Part Of The Equation Too!

When it comes to losing weight, what you eat makes a huge difference. However, exercise and how you exercise makes a significant impact on your progress. Exercise can make or break how quickly you reach your goals and what the end product looks like (your physique). There are specific types of exercise that are proven for quick weight loss results that you will learn about during this session. You will learn how to put together a fun, yet challenging workout routine for you to follow on your own!

Session 5: Grocery Shopping For Weight Loss

Healthy eating and weight loss depends on making the right choices in the grocery store. “Grocery Shopping for Weight Loss” will go beyond shopping on the outer perimeter of the store. Your dietitian will teach you how to navigate your way through the grocery store, teaching you about the right (and wrong) foods to help you reach your lifestyle change goal. You will learn how to read and make sense of food labels, what is the MOST important factors to consider when purchasing items, which foods are fat traps and how to avoid them, which foods will help you on your health journey, which foods are not worth the hype and specific food recommendations

Session 6: Dine With The Dietitian

In today’s grab and go society, healthy eating can seem impossible. Often times we are unable to prepare home-cooked meals so our only option is to eat out. It’s easier and less time consuming, but is it necessarily healthier? Luckily, it can be healthy; it’s all about the choices you make. After this session, you will never have to deal with the confusion over what to eat when dinning out, nor feel guilty about what you ate. You will learn how to confidently identify your best options when getting a quick bite to eat or sitting down for a nice dinner. You’ll even learn how to prepare quick, easy and delicious meals and snacks that will keep you fueled while on the go! During this workshop we will review menus from your favorite restaurants and practice choosing or creating the best options that won’t break your caloric bank!

What you’ll get with this program:

  • an initial goal setting recorded call- we will set SMART goals for you to complete throughout the program
  • all 6 recorded webinars delivered directly to your inbox every other week (each one is about an hour long)
  • a bi-weekly challenge to complete to keep progress going and motivation high
  • weekly email tips to help you complete those challenges
  • tons of handouts and resources to help you with what you’re learning in each webinar
  • lots of recipes, sample nutrition plans, sample workout plans, shopping lists and more
  • knowledge, tools and resources that will last you a lifetime!

Ready to ditch the fad dieting and start on changing your life?! Just 12 weeks to a healthier YOU!

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