Healthy Eating Basics

Healthy Eating Basics

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Simple recipes for a healthy lifestyle.

Are you stuck in a rut with the same old recipes and dishes? Are you and your family bored with eating the same foods to the point you don’t even feel like cooking, shopping, or eating? ENP’s Healthy Living Cookbook is a collection of over 50 “R.D. approved recipes” developed by R.D. Kristen Ziesmer. Healthy Living includes recipes from light and vibrant appetizers to healthy desserts that will wow your family and guests without blowing your budget or your waistline.

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Healthy Eating Basics

Check out these RD-approved Healthy Eating Basics from Elite Nutrition & Performance!

This is an easy to read guide that will have you eating healthier in no time at all. This guide can teach you exactly what the macronutrients are and how much of each you should be eating based on your nutrient needs and activity level. This 20-page guide discusses healthy vs. non-healthy fats, how to balance your plate at each meal, and how to avoid those phony fad diets. It is something that you can keep on hand and will always have to answer those basic nutrition questions.

We can guarantee – one read through, and you’ll be off to a healthier you!


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