Upcoming Workshops at Elite Nutrition & Performance

You wouldn’t go to the dentist to fix your car, so why go to any “nutritionist” for advice on sports and exercise nutrition? Learn practical sports and exercise nutrition information from an expert! Sports dietitian nutritionist, Kristen Ziesmer, teaches you exactly what you’ll need to know to excel in your sport through upcoming events and workshops.

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Upcoming Workshops

Fueling in the Off Season                                      11/1/18 6:30pm

  • Nutrition for injury recovery and prevention
  • How to balance diet for training and weight loss
  • Healthy eating during the holidays


Where: Still Hopes Retirement Home Wellness Center (1 Still Hopes Dr. West Columbia, SC)

Cost: $20 per person per session or $49 for all 3 per person

Space is limited so reserve your spot now by purchasing your ticket below. If you have questions, please fill  out the form below!

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