Upcoming Workshops at Elite Nutrition & Performance

You wouldn’t go to the dentist to fix your car, so why go to any “nutritionist” for advice on sports and exercise nutrition? Learn practical sports and exercise nutrition information from an expert! Sports dietitian nutritionist, Kristen Ziesmer, teaches you exactly what you’ll need to know to excel in your sport through upcoming events and workshops.

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Upcoming Workshops

ENP and Fleet Feet Columbia have teamed up to bring you a series of three sports nutrition workshops specifically for the endurance athlete. Check up the lineup below and sign up for one or for all three for a special, early bird price!

Whole Food Diet for Athletes

You’ve heard of the many whole food type diets and are interested, but how does this really work for an athlete? Eating a whole food diet can reduce inflammation helping to prevent and heal injuries, recovery from workouts faster and boost performance. You’ll learn how to practically apply this to your life without busting your budget! In this workshop you’ll learn:

·      What is a whole food diet

·      How to balance eating for health and performance

·      Nutrient timing for optimal energy and performance

·      What foods to eat and what to avoid


1.Increased energy for better performance during training and ultimately race day
2. Improved health: naturally lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, regulate your blood sugar and body fat
3. Reduce inflammation, prevent and heal injuries and recover from trainings faster

Cost: $25


Sorry you missed it but you can purchase the recording and notes!

Fueling for Training

How you fuel before, during and after training has a significant impact on how well you’ll perform while training. This ultimately impacts how well you’ll perform on race day. Learn the what, when, do’s and do not’s of eating around your trainings during this workshop.


1. Increased energy and performance during trainings
2. Avoid the dreaded runner’s stomach (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea) with the right combo of foods before and during
3. Feel better with improved recovery from each training session
4. Build muscle and lose body fat- yes it’s possible with eating around your training sessions!

Cost: $25


January 22, 2020, 6 pm, Forest Acres Location

Hydration and Supplements for Endurance Athletes

No more cramping or feeling water sloshing around in your belly. With this workshop you’ll learn how to create a personalized hydration and supplement plan based on YOU!


1.Feel confident in knowing what to look for and avoid in sports supplements for safety and efficacy
2. Never cramp again with a personalized hydration and electrolyte schedule based on your body and your needs
3. Know exactly what the right combo of products to use both during training and on a daily basis for ultimate performance and health

Cost: $25

Febuary 5, 2020 6pm, Forest Acres Location

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