Grocery Store Tour

Grocery Store Tours


 Let us guide you through the aisles of confusion!

After taking a grocery store tour with us, you will be shopping like a pro and maybe even enjoy your trips to the grocery store!

Is going to the grocery store the biggest hassle for you? Not because it takes time out of your day but because you feel completely lost on what to buy while you’re there. Unfortunately, you’re not alone but fortunately we can help by teaching you how to shop specifically for your goals!

At Elite Nutrition and Performance, it is our goal to educate you on how to fuel your body properly; which begins at the grocery store! We offer a variety of grocery store tour topics ranging from Shopping for Weight Loss to Shopping for Optimal Sports Performance.

Each of our tours will go beyond the basics you already know, such as “shop around the perimeter” and “fill your cart with veggies.” We will teach you the tools you need to know to see through the gimmicks and health halo foods. What are health halo foods? Those foods that manufacturers want you to believe are the greatest food on earth or the next “super food!” In actuality, many of these foods are not that great for your health, body composition or performance. Surprise!!

You will also learn…

  • How to compare products to determine your best bet
  • Read food labels- no more asking, “Is this good? Is this bad?”
  • Which foods are best in helping you reach your goals (hint: probably not what you expect!)
  • How to eat healthy and not blow your budget
  • The nutritionist’s personal recommendations

Grocery Shopping For Weight Loss

Healthy eating and weight loss depends on making the right choices in the grocery store. “Grocery Shopping for Weight Loss” will go beyond shopping on the outer perimeter of the store. Your dietitian will guide you through the grocery store tour aisle-by-aisle teaching you about the right (and wrong) foods to help you reach your weight loss goal. You will learn

  • How to read and make sense of food labels
  • What is the MOST important factors to consider when purchasing items
  • Which foods are fat traps and how to avoid them
  • Which foods will help you on your weight loss journey
  • Which foods are not worth the hype
  • Specific recommendations from your dietitian


Each attendee will receive a grocery shopping guide and shopping list.

Next tour scheduled for Saturday, 9/16/17 at Publix on Rosewood Dr!


Group tours are limited to 10 people maximum. Any friend, family member or child you bring with you is effectively taking up a spot of someone else and therefore must pay to attend. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Current ENP Clients: $15 per person (use code “ENPmember” at checkout)

Non-ENP Clients: $25 per person

Individual Tours Available!

Would you like to attend a grocery store tour but are unable to make the days and times? Individual tours are available. You are welcome to get your friends, family and co-workers together to attend a tour as well.

Tours will take place at the Publix on Rosewood Drive (2800 Rosewood Dr. Columbia, South Carolina 29205). Attendees will meet in the lobby area prior to tours starting.

Tours are limited to 10 attendees maximum. All attendees must pre-register and pre-pay in order to reserve their spot for the tour. Tours are non-refundable. Attendees that need to reschedule are allowed to apply their payment to a later class. However, cancellations with less than 1 week notice will result in loss of class. No shows will result in the loss of the class. Attendees are not permitted to bring a friend/family member who has not registered and paid.

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