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4 Simple Ways To Know If You're Losing Fat Or Muscle 

Losing fat is hard work and trying to figure out what the scale is telling you in the process can be downright frustrating! That’s why we wrote a tip sheet sharing the 4 easy ways we determine if you’re losing fat or muscle. This tip sheet will help you decipher the scale by teaching you:

  • How to tell if you’ve actually lost weight or just water weight
  •  Three simple things you can do at home to track your progress 
  • How and when to weigh yourself for the most reliable numbers

4 Simple Tricks To Monitor Your Progress

Now that we've outlined a few of our simple tricks to know if you're losing body fat or muscle, let's look at the benefits of this tip sheet:

Why Does It Matter If You're Losing Fat or Muscle?

Heck, weight loss is weight loss, right? Wrong! Muscle is metabolically active, meaning it'll help burn fat and calories even while you're sleeping! If you're losing the wrong type of weight you could be hindering your weight loss efforts and actually stalling your progress. In this tip sheet you will learn:

  • The tools the pros use to track client progress
  • The important numbers you need to track each month
  • How to identify if you're losing that unwanted body fat or precious muscle that will just slow your progress

What Will You Learn from the Tip Sheet?

Without giving it all away at once, this tip sheet will cover 4 simple, yet proven ways to know what the number on the scale means. Anyone can benefit from this information, including those trying to:

Lose Weight

Identify if you're truly loseing body fat, precious muscle or just water weight.

Bulking or Gain Muscle

Identify where exactly those extra lbs are coming from: muscle vs. fat.

Cut or Lean Out

Losing too much weight can lead to muscle loss. Don't lose that precious muscle you've worked hard for!

Prevent Losing Weight

Unintended weight loss, particularly from dehydration, can lead to poor performance. Ensure you're keeping that power-producing muscle!

About the Author, Kristen Ziesmer, MS, RD, CSSD, LD

Kristen Tice-Ziesmer is a Registered Dietitian, Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Elite Nutrition and Performance, LLC (ENP). She is the only board certified sports dietitian and certified personal trainer in the state of South Carolina! Kristen is a highly sought after nutrition speaker and media source for trusted nutrition information. She has been featured on Fox News, CBS News 19, WIS T.V., Midlands Biz and is a speaker for local sports teams and organizations. In addition to speaking, Kristen provides nutrition counseling to a variety of athletes and clients who have
nutrition-related medical conditions.