Be The Boss Of Your Weight Loss

Be the boss of your weight loss

4 Simple Ways to Know if You're Losing Fat or Muscle e-book

4 simple ways to know if you're losing fat or muscle

You’re working out like crazy and yet the scale seems to be increasing? Learn why and how to determine what the scale is telling you. 


Ready to find out how we can help you decipher the scale?

are you as busy working adult who...

  1.  Doesn’t like what you see when you look in the mirror?

  2. Wants to lose weight for health reasons but can’t bear to go through another diet program?

  3. Feels overwhelmed when it comes to losing weight and finding the right foods to eat?

The good news is that we can help! We understand that losing weight and changing habits is hard. Our method is to teach you to right foods to eat, when to eat, how much to eat and why. We believe education, support and coaching are the keys to success and that philosophy has been proven time and time again. instead of just telling you what to do we teach you what to do and why. This is important in your journey to health so that you can think critically for yourself and never have to go back to being on a “diet” again.

Be The Boss Of Your Weight Loss is unlike any other weight loss program you’ve done before. We will not sell you the latest and greatest supplements, pills, powders or fad diet. We will teach you how to get back to the basics to make a lifestyle change! This program will consist of weekly workshops presented by registered dietitian and certified personal trainer, Kristen Tice-Ziesmer, MS, RD, CSSD, LD. Each interactive workshop will focus a new topic that will build upon the information from the previous workshop. This program will leave no stone unturned, from the basics of metabolism and weight loss, to exercise, to mindfully eating…we cover it all! All workshops will be conducted in a group format for optimal learning, peer support and camaraderie. In addition to bi-weekly meetings, you’ll receive tons of bonuses, just for signing up!

Be The Boss of Your Weight Loss

Just Imagine…

  1. Feeling better physically and emotionally
  2. Having confidence in knowing what you are eating is the best option
  3. Not having to think about what and when to eat all the time
  4. Being free from feeling guilty about eating
  5. Actually liking what you see in the mirror


  1. Membership to a Facebook group
  2. One 30-minute individual session with Kristen ($100)
  3. Grocery shopping guide: Shopping for weight loss ($25)
  4. Tons of educational handouts and guides
  5. Bonus workshop: How to Put a Stop to Your Mindless Eating!


Session 1:Nutrition 101

Session 2: Metabolism & Weight Loss

Session 3: Building A Better Plate & Meal Planning

Session 4: Exercise is Part of the Equation Too!

Session 5: Grocery Shopping For Weight Loss

Session 6: Dine With A Dietitian

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